Minecraft - These are the best seeds of version 1.16.5


Minecraft - These are the best seeds of version 1.16.5

Seeds are a very important part of Minecraft . If you are new to the Mojang game you still have no idea what I am talking about. This is a topic that we dealt with in its day . As a summary we could say that the seeds are the bases that are used to create a game world . Although when creating a new game you appear in a random world, you can enter the code of a seed so that it has one form or another.

minecraft pocket edition seeds
minecraft pocket edition seeds

If you want to know much more about seeds, you just have to take a look at the guide where we explain in depth what they are and which are the best . If you like adventure, you just have to go testing seeds to get fully into all kinds of biomes. With that said, below you can see the best seeds from version 1.16.5.

The best seeds of version 1.16.5

It does not matter if you have been playing Minecraft for a short time or have a lot of experience. You just have to try the seeds in the table until you find the one you like the most. As a preview, I can tell you that there are very diverse biomes .

Seed –1516693559273317599Coordinates 50, 50
Seed 6289356335417524954Coordinates 100, 150
Seed -527400469972477728Coordinates 150, 200
Seed 9194590645559656037Coordinates 200, 200
Seed 7117208482782893078Coordinates 200, 50
Seed 7928649802684780075Coordinates 50, 50
Seed 5698057660471644688Coordinates -50, 200
Seed 6985948218358187730Coordinates 50, 50
Seed -6073715973444651551Coordinates -50, 50
Seed -7835783891260768428Coordinates 250, -250
Have you tried the seeds in the table? Which one do you prefer?

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