Minecraft: What is it and how to activate crossplay to play with users of other platforms


Minecraft: What is it and how to activate crossplay to play with users of other platforms

Minecraft has been growing for years without stopping and also opening its arms to a growing community of players. With millions of people enjoying it in all parts of the world, it was to be expected that sooner or later it would break the barriers that prevented users of different devices from playing with each other. This is how Minecraft crossplay arrived , the function that allows you to play with users of any console, computer or mobile without problems. So Minecraft has crossplay between PS4 and PC , PC and Xbox One, even with Switch.

Minecraft - Multiplayer Disabled on...
Minecraft - Multiplayer Disabled on Server Fix

Before continuing, we remind you that, if you want to squeeze every last cube out of this video game , we put at your disposal a great Minecraft guide in which we explain everything about this game. This mini-guide on cross-play is just a small part of everything we offer you in our content collection, where there is room for secrets, tricks, tips, mods, skins, machines and much, much more.

What is crossplay in Minecraft?

The game crossed Minecraft is neither more nor less than the ability to play with other users of different platforms to which you have in a single game. The Better Together update already enabled this possibility among Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch players a few years ago; and it has been improving over time to integrate other platforms within its range of online compatibility. Thanks to this, any barrier between versions and devices is eliminated, allowing the entire community to share the same environment wherever they play .

This is something that only happens with the version made on the Bedrock Engine . Of all the Minecraft editions out there , only this one allows cross-play, which leaves aside the Java Edition so famous on PC. It is a small handicap, since this version is less limited in terms of customization when using all the mods of the game , but in return it offers a very rich and inclusive ecosystem, which opens its arms to any new player regardless the system you use to play.

What platforms allow cross-play in Minecraft

Currently, the platforms that allow Minecraft crossplay are Windows 10 PCs , since it is compatible with the Bedrock version, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and mobile phones . It's all versions that use the Bedrock engine that allow this possibility, which also opens the doors to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players when the game hits these platforms, which it will.

A clear conclusion can be drawn from all this. It does not matter on which platform you play Minecraft , because you can already enjoy games with all the users of the other platforms through the internet or even in local mode. In fact, this means that you can not only join normal online games, but also servers created with Realms .

How to activate crossplay in Minecraft: step by step

We could separate this procedure between the different platforms, however, the Bedrock Edition, already known as Minecraft to dry , has unified all the procedures to follow a common pattern . In this way, what we can offer you here is a universal method to activate cross-play between any platform. It does not matter if you are a PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, mobile or Xbox One player, you will all have to follow the same steps to play with friends on other consoles or devices without problems :

  1. First of all, make sure you have the latest version of Minecraft installed. To do this, access your games library and click on it. If it doesn't ask for an update, you are on the newest version. If you ask for it, let me update. Once you check this, open the game.
  2. Within this, you will have to log in with a Microsoft account. If you don't have it, now is the time to create it. You need an email and a password.
  3. Already connected to your account, you have two options, join another player's game or create one.
  4. If you choose the option to create a game, you have to go to Play, Create new, Create new world and, in Edit settings, choose the "Multiplayer" option. Choose whether you want friends of friends to enter or only those you invite, in the "Microsoft account settings" section. Then simply click on "Create".
  5. If you want to join someone else's game, tap Play in the main menu, then “Friends”. Within this menu, look for the Realm or the friend to join in the game and you will already have it. Remember that you must add it before or, failing that, click on "Add friend" and enter your Xbox Gamertag (created when opening the MS account) to add it.

You do not need anything else. That's how easy it is to play with others in Minecraft cross-play both on PC and on consoles and mobiles.

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