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Minecraft: Who is Herobrine and what does he do. Can it be invoked?


Minecraft: Who is Herobrine and what does he do. Can it be invoked?

Who is Herobrine in Minecraft ? Probably one of the most repeated questions within the entire community that has created this video game and that has been creating for more than ten years. His name is quite popular among the most veteran players, and his presence is a mystery to those who begin to enter this huge universe of blocks.

If you want to know what is behind that name, what is its origin or even if Herobrine can be summoned , that is something that you will be able to find out here. Our complete Minecraft guide helps you master all the tricks and secrets of this video game, but it will also help you to know the other side of the coin, that more mysterious and a bit creepy. Do not turn off the lights and make yourself comfortable, we are going to talk about the most murky and hidden character in Minecraft.

Who is Herobrine

Herobrine is a Minecraft character that has been talked about since 2014. His appearance is that of a normal human avatar, with the difference that he has blank eyes. Those who claim to have seen it during a game say that it creates random constructions and always tries to remain hidden. It can tunnel two blocks high or even large pyramids while the player is distracted.

He can also be a violent character, burning or cutting down all kinds of trees, or assisting in exploration by leaving Redstone torches inside the mines. Many say that this is all due to him, and even swear they have run into it during their games, although it has quickly disappeared. Also many say that he is a dead miner in the game, but the reality is that he is nothing more than a creepypasta, or what is the same, a totally invented character .

The story of its origin

The story behind Herobrine's supposed origin tells of a normal player game and how he tried to communicate with Notch, the creator of the game, in an attempt to find out more. In an alleged message, he told him that he had met someone in his game who looked like another player, but had no name on it. He was wearing Steve's usual skin, but his eyes were rolling, and he was staring at her, until he quickly ran into the thick fog.

After that, he claimed to keep playing and start finding some pretty strange structures in the world, as if they weren't created by the game's algorithm. It did not matter that he explored all the different biomes , he always found something unusual, a strange tunnel, pyramids with perfect proportions, tree trunks without leaves ... After this experience, the supposed Notch went to open a topic in the Minecraft forums at that time and Just as he was about to do it, a user named Herobrine sent him a message that just said "Stop . "

With an impossible profile to visit, the young man continued investigating and discovered that several users were also wanting to find out what was happening with Herobrine. Finally, they came to the conclusion that he could be the character of Notch's own brother and, when they contacted him, the only answer they received was that he had a brother, but that he had died . The only thing left of him was Herobrine, a ghostly character capable of changing the game world to his liking.

Can I summon Herobrine in Minecraft? Is Herobrine real?

Despite the murky story behind its supposed origin, the reality about Herobrine in Minecraft is that it is an invention of European players to scare the rest of the world. There is no Herobrine beyond this creepypasta and the montages in photos that there are. It is impossible to summon Herobrine in the game, at least for now. However, there is always the possibility that Mojang includes a small Easter egg as a nod to this fantasy.

For now there is no sign of him, nor will there be officially . The only way to really see it is with a Herobrine skin . Beyond that, it is completely impossible.