Minecraft: Wood - How to find it, what types are there and what to make with it


Minecraft: Wood - How to find it, what types are there and what to make with it

Wood , that element so common in Minecraft , but at the same time so important. Being a master lumberjack is more than necessary if you want to start your adventure in Survival Mode on the right foot . It is a fairly present material, especially since there are tons of trees in this game, but also a really versatile one. There are many recipes that depend on it, and here we are going to see absolutely all of them.


A fundamental post for our Minecraft Tips Guide . Pay close attention and be prepared to take note, as well as to sharpen your ax, you will have to take it out for a long walk. Now we are going to tell you what it is exactly and, above all, how wood is obtained, what types of wood there are and how many things you can make with it .

What is Wood and how is it obtained?

Wood is a material that is extracted from trees . When the player chops down one, what they get are logs that they must later process to get the blocks that are used in the manufacture. In this guide we are always going to mention them as wood in general, but, when you read it in the manufacturing ingredients that we are going to give later, what we are really going to refer to is the wood blocks.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there is no single type of wood. As there are different types of trees in Minecraft, you will also come across different types of wood . We are going to take them into account, although we already anticipate that many recipes are exactly the same regardless of the type you use, sometimes the difference is merely the color of the final creation.

How to get Wood and what types are there

To get wood, you just have to cut down a tree . It is something you can do with your own hands, but if you have an ax, it will take much less time to do it . It doesn't matter what type of ax you use, because all of them will help you to extract blocks of wood quickly. What is important is to know the type of wood you are getting, since there are different types depending on the tree from which they come.

And what are the types of wood there are? We are going to see them below, although we already anticipated that it is convenient for you to previously know all the Minecraft biomes , in that guide we explain where you can find each type of tree in the game:

  • Oak wood - It is extracted from oak
  • Fir wood - It is extracted from the fir
  • Birch wood - It is extracted from birch
  • Jungle wood - It is extracted from jungle trees
  • Dark oak wood - It is extracted from dark oaks
  • Acacia wood - It is extracted from acacia

What can you create with Wood

Wood is practically the first material that you get in Minecraft Survival Mode, but first of all, you have to know that most recipes that have it as an ingredient actually use wood blocks . These blocks are not the logs that you get when felling, they have to be combined to shape the authentic manufacturing material, but don't worry, we are going to give you their recipe below along with that of another essential element to create, the table. of work. You will see that they are very simple:

  • Wood Block - 1x Log
  • Work table - 4x Oak Wood Block

Create all the wooden blocks you can, because the recipes that we are going to give you below do need them . Pay close attention now:

On the work table

  • Stick - 2x Wood
  • Chest - 8x Wood
  • Steps - 6x Wood
  • Bookcase - 6x Wood + 3x Books
  • Ax - 3x Wood + 2x Stick
  • Pick - 3x Wood + 2x Stick
  • Shovel - 1x Wood + 2x Stick
  • Hoe - 2x Wood + 2x Stick
  • Sword - 2x Wood + 1x Stick
  • Boat - 5x Wood
  • Door - 6x Wood
  • Slab - 3x Wood
  • Hatch - 6x Wood
  • Musical Block - 7x Wood + 1x Redstone
  • Jukebox - 7x Wood + 1x Diamond
  • Piston - 3x Wood + 4x Rock + 1x Iron Ingot + 1x Redstone
  • Rope Hook - 1x Iron Ingot + 1x Stick + 1x Wood
  • Bowl - 3x Wood
  • Poster - 6x Wood - 1x Stick
  • Fence Gate - 4x Stick + 2x Wood
  • Bed - 3x Wood + 3x Wool

In the smelting furnace

The work of wood and wood blocks in the smelting furnace is different from that of other materials. In this case, it is used as fuel. If you use it instead of coal or another, you will have the active fire for about 15 minutes , enough to create several interesting tools or ingots with which you have more options to manufacture.

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