Minimum requirements to play Call of Duty Mobile on iOS


Minimum requirements to play Call of Duty Mobile on iOS

Surely you know that Call of Duty Mobile is a video game that has been with us for more than a year and since its launch on October 1, 2019 its success has been impressive. At the end of 2019 it already had more than 180 million downloads, which is why it is even considered competition for other famous games such as Fortnite, Pubg Mobile or Free Fire. But, it works on Android and iOS mobile devices under some requirements. Next we will explain the minimum requirements to play Call of Duty Mobile on iOS .

What do I need to play Call of Duty on my iOS device?

Just like on Android devices, on the famous iOS system this game also needs certain minimum requirements in order to work. Otherwise you will not be able to play it, since its graphics are very optimal and its characteristics very peculiar, which means that for it to work it is important to have an iOS 9.0 or higher system version .

In the same way, your RAM memory must be minimum or greater than 2GB , but for its best performance it is preferable that it have 3GB. In this case the storage will be 1.5GB download and 2.6GB installed . Therefore, it is very important that you ensure that you meet these essential requirements for the game.

However, occasionally it may happen that even if you meet the parameters mentioned above, the game has some glitches when it is launched. In this case, you should advise that you have the latest game update, since Activision updates frequently for better performance.

Finally, remember that the internet connection also plays a very important role in this type of game, since it is online and multiplayer. It is best that this connection is as optimal as possible.

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