NBA 2K22, the new installment of the famous basketball simulation from 2K Games is released this Friday, September 10. For the occasion, we are giving you some tips to get you started during your first hours of play.

The game has many modes, players and specifics. In order to better approach your first hours of play, we are therefore giving you some tips and advice .

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Train as much as possible

The first thing to do will be to do the tutorials offered in NBA 2KU . You will thus have explanations on the different movements to be able to approach your first matches as well as possible. Also remember to test the different movements of the players by going through the Blacktop mode which allows you to play with the player you want and thus you quickly master his techniques .

Don't jump into MyCareer too quickly

After following our first tip, we recommend that you start quick matches or do WNBA matches before jumping into MyCarrer. This will serve as a good experience for you to start well in MyCarrer and MyTeam .

Play games online

After a while, you might find the Quick Matches and WNBA a bit too straightforward. If this is the case, we recommend that you play matches in the online mode , but be careful, remember to choose this mode rather than MyTeam , because you may find yourself facing players with a much better selection than yours. When you start in online matches, you will start in the Freshman League and you will be able to choose one of the three predefined teams in the game.

Configure the correct difficulty

If you are a complete beginner and in order to avoid getting entangled in overly complicated matches, we recommend that you select the Rookie difficulty . While some players might find it too easy, the Pro difficulty might quickly demotivate you if you select it.

Spend your VCs wisely

After a while you will want to launch into MyTeam and therefore you are looking to spend your VCs. However, we recommend that you only use them for a player you are interested in and that you don't try to build the same team that you may have seen while watching a streamer or a youtuber . In general, these will either have received cards by 2K or will have spent a lot of money.

Get started in MyTeam and MyCareer

Now that you have learned all the moves and facts of the matches in the different modes, you can now jump into MyTeam and especially MyCarrer modes in order to get free VCs by completing challenges and signing contracts .

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