New World: 7 rookie mistakes you should definitely avoid


New World: 7 rookie mistakes you should definitely avoid

New World differs from classic theme park MMORPGs. This is why some players make mistakes that are actually easy to avoid. We have picked out 7 classic beginner mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Tips for First Time Travelers
Tips for First Time Travelers

What is this about? These 7 beginner's mistakes are about general things you can do wrong without thinking too much. We reveal what is problematic about it and how you can do it better.

1. You do not pay attention to your weight

What is the problem? New World puts a lot of emphasis on weight. There are two components where you can make mistakes:

  • On the one hand, your inventory generally has a weight. If that is too high, you will no longer be able to fight properly and you will move more slowly.
  • On the other hand, your equipment has a weight. This weight plays an important role.

How do you do it better? With problem 1, the basic rule is that you should keep an eye on the weight of your inventory. You can see this permanently at the bottom right of the screen next to your skills. If the weight is too high, you have to throw away items from your inventory if necessary.

Problem 2 depends entirely on your preferred style of play:

  • With light armor you cause 20% more damage and have a wide evasive role. For this you also get significantly more damage.
  • With medium armor you cause 10% more damage and stay 10% less time in the CC. However, the evasive role is getting smaller.
  • With heavy armor, you only have a tiny evasive step. In return you get less damage, 20% less time in CC and increased block chance.

However, always pay attention to the weight of your armor, otherwise you will suddenly be surprised that your evasive role no longer exists.

Bonus tip : repair your gear regularly!

2. You are spending your area XP incorrectly

What is the problem? In the course of your playing time you will gain reputation in the areas, for example by killing monsters and completing quests. But many use this progress only for short-term bonuses.

You unlock additional experience points or faster earning of area reputation. But that is only intended for the short term.

Once you have reached level 60 or maximized the reputation of the area, you will no longer benefit from the bonuses.

How do you do it better? Think long-term about reputation bonuses. The following are particularly effective:

  • Lower crafting fees
  • More storage space
  • Lower trading post costs

3. You don't have a real “capital”

What is the problem? New World gives you a free hand when leveling. You can choose the area in which you want to do quests and have to travel to all areas for the main story anyway. This invites you to level in all areas and cities.

But that's a mistake.

How do you do it better? Find a solid city in which you want to quest. Put your inn or your first own house there and level there with the help of the settlement quests and the faction board.

A permanent headquarters has several advantages:

  • At first you only collect reputation for one area and thus unlock better bonuses
  • You get to know the area and the walking routes
  • You store your items and materials in one place and not in different cities and then forget about them
The cities Immerfall and Windkreis are best suited for personal capitals. They are centrally located and so you can explore the world from there. However, it is also helpful to choose a capital that belongs to your faction.

4. You are not buying a house

What is the problem? Many players hesitate to buy their own home at the beginning. But that too is a mistake.

How do you do it better? From level 15 you can own your first home. You should do this for the following reasons:

  • Each house offers a travel option. Depending on the size, the cooldown is 2 to 4 hours. However, this can be reset by Azoth, which is also cheaper than fast travel with Azoth.
  • You get buffs through trophies that help you in the game.
  • You gain additional storage space.
The houses cost between 5,000 and 20,000 thalers, but in the end the investment is definitely worth it.

5. You are not traveling the world properly

What is the problem? In New World you often have to cover long distances and endless walking routes. But just walking straight ahead actually takes far too long.

It is better to know the little tricks and subtleties when traveling.

How do you do it better? There are several tricks here.

Trick 1 is that when you wear light armor, you do a bigger dodge role. This will allow you to cover more distance if you use an evasive role while running.

Trick 2 builds on the first trick. Because if you cancel the evasive role shortly before the end, you won't get stuck in the animation afterwards - the so-called aftercast. To do this, you change your weapon shortly before the end of the role. You don't stop there.

Trick 3 has to do with fast travel. Because the heavier your equipment, the more Azoth it costs to teleport to another city.

Trick 4: Just die if you don't have a city nearby, but you want to quickly hand in your completed quests in a settlement. Because you can respawn right back in the city after death.

Trick 5 is to distribute your free fast travel options as widely as possible. You can travel free of charge to the inn, to your first house and from level 35 and 55 also to house 2 and 3. If you divide these options well in the game world, travel will work by itself!

Trick 6: Collect all fast travel points and cities that you can find along the way.

6. You're not fighting right

What is the problem? New World offers a completely different combat system than many MMORPG players are used to. But there are many subtleties in the fights that you should pay attention to and about which we can give you tips.

How do you do it better? First of all, the rule is that you should experiment a lot, especially at the beginning. You should try out the various weapons and can reset your attributes for free up to level 20, which is important for the various weapons.

It is also important that you should either block incoming attacks from enemies or avoid them directly. That saves you important life points.

Another helpful tip is that you can land guaranteed critical hits:

  • With ranged weapons, a headshot is always critical
  • In close combat, you have to hit your enemy from behind to land a Krit

7. You don't save taxes

What is the problem? Each company that owns a settlement can determine the taxes that are levied there. But not every company is fair.

How do you do it better? Orientate yourself to skilful tax foxes and look for the place that charges the lowest taxes. You can then do your crafting and trading activities there.

Do you have any other useful tips for beginners? Feel free to write them in the comments!

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