New World: 7 tips and tricks that can help you in battle


New World: 7 tips and tricks that can help you in battle

The combat system of the new MMORPG New World is a big point that is regularly discussed by the community. Whether you are satisfied with it or not is up to you, but with these tips and tricks you will definitely get better at it.

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What are these tips? In this article, we want to reveal a few tips and tricks that deal exclusively with the combat system of New World. Some you may already know, others may be new to you, but they are all very useful.

Perhaps one or the other tip will also find its way into this list, which is also useful outside of combat, but the focus should be that you can stomp your opponents into the ground more easily.

Why these tips? The New World combat system has some hidden adjustment screws that are not immediately apparent. If you have already played the betas in the past, you will certainly be familiar with a few things, but these aids are particularly useful for new players.

1. Hit reset through skills

What is it? If you take a light or heavy strike with a melee weapon, it will take a short time after the attack before you can strike again. You can interrupt this “cooldown” between your attacks by using an ability.

How does this work? Hit an opponent, then immediately use an ability and hit them again. So you can bypass the small delay between your attacks and ensure more damage per second in a long fight.

What's the point? Not only can you deal more damage in the long run, you can also use it to cause unpredictable maneuvers in PvP. After your blow, your enemy assumes that there would have to be a lot more time before you can deal the next heavy blow. This is not the case with this trick.

2. Switching weapons makes you faster

What is it? By changing the weapon, you can also cancel an animation and thus carry out a new activity more quickly. This is particularly effective with the evasive role, which you can perform with light and medium armor.

How does this work? If you do an evasive roll forward, your character will have a short delay in getting up. In English one speaks of the "stagger step". So you cannot move for a short time when you get out of the roll.

But if you change your weapon or put it away at the end of your evasive role, you interrupt the animation and the annoying stagger step is no longer necessary. You can then continue running straight away and immediately follow up with the next evasive role.

What's the point? This trick actually helps you not only in combat, but also in the normal environment, as you can move much faster if you interrupt this stagger step.

Of course, this also makes sense in combat, as it means that you are not tied to one position for as long as if you were to evade normally. In combat, however, you should be careful that you coordinate the weapon change sensibly, because an aborted stagger step is of little use to you with a weapon that has all the ability to cool down.

3. Guaranteed critical hits

What is it? A critical hit does more damage. This is the case in almost all MMOs and it is also the case in New World. Your general chance of critical hits can be increased through attributes and various values ​​in the game.

However, regardless of your attributes, two paths are guaranteed to lead to a critical hit. One of them is for ranged weapons and the other is for melee weapons. So there is always a way to get your opponent particularly nasty.

How does this work? First we look at the ranged weapons, because here the trick is actually very simple - a headshot at your opponent always automatically causes a critical hit. Therefore we can only give you the tip to always click on the heads.

This is a little more complicated with melee weapons, and blows are always critical if you catch your enemy from behind. Another tip can be given, which revolves around the stuns in the game.

If you stun an opponent, the next blow on him will release his stun again. So you can stun your enemy, walk around him and then catch him critically from behind.

What's the point? Well the answer is very simple as well as short - more harm. If you also focus on using these tricks more often, you automatically concentrate more on the movements of your opponent, which could possibly benefit you again in other areas.

4. Never use up all of your stamina

What is it? When you use up all of your stamina in New World and land on 0, a phase of stamina regeneration begins. Then you cannot use stamina until it is full again.

But if you don't reach the value 0, then you can still fall back on your stamina and it even regenerates faster than if it was completely used up beforehand.

How does this work? As an example, let's take the evasive role of light armor. It consumes exactly 50 stamina out of the 100 you have. If you do two evasive rolls in a row, your stamina is empty and you have to wait some time before you can evade again.

But if you wait even a second before starting the second roll, you have 51 stamina before the jump and 1 stamina after. The difference is huge. Because not only does your stamina regenerate faster, but when things get really tough, you can even perform 3 evasive roles in a row in this way.

You can always dodge as long as you still have stamina, even if it's only a single point. So you can get a third role out of your stamina supply with a waiting time of only about a second before the second evasion.

What's the point? Faster endurance regeneration helps you to get through the world faster and to be able to act more flexibly in combat. Should the situation arise in which you urgently need to leave, the third evasive role is a great ace up your sleeve.

5. Ride the ax into hand-to-hand combat

What is it? Granted, the name is a bit of a misnomer and it works with other weapons as well. Besides, you don't actually ride the ax, you ride the ax, but that's splitting hairs.

If you perform a light attack with a melee weapon immediately after an evasive role, you can increase the range of your weapon and even surf a few meters above the ground until you are on your target. This is a good extension of mobility, especially for heavy weapons.

How does this work? The trick only works with melee weapons and only if you can target an enemy. Without an enemy in the immediate vicinity, the tip is of no use.

You need to target your enemy, "dodge" and, while dodging, launch a light attack on your opponent. This light attack is then carried out once you get out of evasive role. This leads to the fact that you overcome the missing distance to the opponent seemingly surfing on the ground.

The range at which this trick works depends on the weapon you are using. This is particularly effective with the big hammer and battle ax, while it has hardly any effect worth mentioning with hatchets and rapiers.

What's the point? This trick is particularly helpful for heavy weapons, i.e. the hammer and battle ax, as it gives you valuable mobility that is otherwise in short supply with the big things.

You can overcome several meters in this way and have no disadvantage from the procedure. So what are you waiting for, take your ax and start surfing.

6. The musket and reloading

What is it? Anyone who has played the musket before will surely remember the annoying reloading. There are several tricks that work well with the musket here and can make your life easier and even cause more damage.

Most of them deal with canceling certain animations, as was the case with the evasive roles and weapon switching tricks. But we will explain that to you in more detail here.

How does this work? The first trick deals with the "Tactical Reload" ability. Once you have learned this passive skill, your musket will automatically reload when you evade. That's really cool, but not a trick yet.

It becomes a trick when you know that you can stop dodging by simply aiming and then fire again straight away. And it gets even better: if you just hold down the aim button, you will even automatically cancel the evasive action.

So you can right click to aim, then shoot without releasing the right mouse button and then dodge. If you do not press in any direction, you automatically dodge backwards and remain roughly on your target. You can then easily land two headshots in a row.

It gets a little more complicated because the trick works even if you haven't learned the tactical reloading skill, it just makes it a little more difficult. You can also cancel the normal reload animation by changing weapons.

So if you fire, change your weapon, attack with your other weapon and then switch back, your musket is ready to fire again. If you then get to combine this knowledge with tactical reloading, things get really wild.

A possible combination could look like this: You shoot with the musket, use the aiming trick of tactical reloading to fire again directly, change your weapon, for example to throw a spear in the face of your opponent, switch to the musket again and shoot again.

There is a little bonus trick that works with both a musket and a bow. If you fire these weapons from the hip, without right-clicking to aim, you will then run slower for a short time. Dodge removes this status for both weapons.

What's the point? The ability to cleverly interrupt these reload animations opens up completely new ideas for combos and can be extremely useful in a build that works a lot with ranged combat. The otherwise rather slow musket can tear a lot more before your opponent is with you.

It is certainly a little difficult to get used to the sequence of necessary clicks and differs from your normal intuition in combat, but it can definitely be worth it.

7. Do magic faster thanks to the evasive role

What is it? Again, the evasive role plays a major role (I'm sorry, it had to be). By canceling and dodging an animation, you get a bonus to your attack speed for a short time.

It is not yet clear whether the trick was a bug in the beta or whether it was intended to work that way.

How does this work? After making a light attack with the stick or ice glove, you will run more slowly. The same phenomenon as with the bow and the musket. Your behavior should now be similarly the same: the evasive role is needed.

With bow and musket, this ensures that you can walk normally again. In the case of magic weapons, however, it means that you can carry out light attacks much faster for a short time.

This doesn't work with melee weapons or with heavy attacks. With the mixture of medium armor and the evasive role, this trick gives you a decent boost in terms of your damage per second.

What's the point? Logically, increasing the rate of fire also improves your damage per second. So you can use it well to kill somewhat stronger opponents before they reach you.

You can also heat up other players in PvP very quickly. It is not yet clear whether this is not just a bug that could be fixed soon.

These were our tricks for fighting in New World. Do you have any other tips and tricks that you might overlook? Did you already know our tricks? And if not, which ones were new to you? Please write us in the comments.

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