New World Guide: 2 strong healer builds that should not be missing in any group


New World Guide: 2 strong healer builds that should not be missing in any group

Healers play an important role in New World when it comes to group content. You need them for expeditions, world events and of course in the instantiated PvP content. We shows you a PvE and a PvP build, with which you will be welcomed with open arms in each group.

What are these builds? The two healer builds that we present to you here are primarily intended for group content. You can level with it in the open world, but it will take a lot longer than if you go straight to damage.

I myself have already played the healer variant in PvE and had the PvP build recommended to me.

The finished skill trees, which you can see embedded as images, come from the website, which already has a tool for creating builds.

Life Staff and Ice Gauntlets - PvE (and optional PvP)

Why is this combo being played?  The life staff is considered to be the ultimate weapon when it comes to healing. Both the abilities and the various passive effects value that you heal yourself or allies. So ideal if you want to play as a healer in a group.

The ice gauntlets in turn serve to increase the damage to your group, to slow down enemies or to make you invulnerable. They only serve as a supplement, because your primary play style is the life stick.

The great thing about the build is that it is playable in both PvE and PvP. In PvP, however, the focus of your play style is increasingly on using the ice gauntlets and freezing enemies over them to keep them away from you. In this guide, however, we mainly describe how to play PvE.

How do I distribute the attributes? The focus of the build is on healing, so you invest your points in concentration. The rest of the points go into constitution so that you have a little more defense.

Which skills do I use with the life stick?

  • Blessed ground
  • beacon
  • Embrace of the light

You invest your first skill point in the healer tree in passive absolution so that you no longer have any mana costs when attacking. Then it goes to the protector tree. There you unlock the skills Beacon and Embrace of Light.

In general, you heal with the life staff in which you attack enemies. This happens through the passive of Beat the Bliss from the Healer Tree. It is also important that you and your allies are in the Blessed Ground ability, as they will receive additional healing from all sources there.

The passive ability Divine Blessings at the very end of the healer tree is also important. This way you heal allies who are below 50% health even more effectively.

Which skills do I use with the life stick?

Which skills do I use with ice cream warmers?

  • ice storm
  • ice rain
  • Ice grave
The ice gauntlets primarily serve to increase the damage done to you and your group and also offer an “emergency skill” with the ice grave, which you can use to make yourself invulnerable and regenerate mana.

The ice storm ability in combination with the passive weakening gust increases the damage your group does to the targets, as does the freezing rain and the passive icy showers, which reduce the enemy's defense.

Which skills do I use with ice cream warmers?

What does the equipment look like? In PvE you tend to rely on light or medium equipment. The diamond gem in the life staff is important for you, through which you increase your damage and your healing, provided you have full life.

In PvP, on the other hand, you should use medium or even heavy armor in order to be able to take more damage from enemies.

What is the rotation of skills like? Basically, you should stand so that your allies are between you and the enemy. You start with the life stick, which you also mainly use.

At the start it is important that you use your passive intensification ability. For this you have to perform 3 strong attacks, which noticeably increases your healing. In order for you to hold the 3 stacks, you have to land a strong attack every 10 seconds. You also passively increase your healing via the evasive role, so that you should use it again and again.

Then you put the ability blessed ground on your tank or in your group and use the ability beacon. Beacon can be used permanently on cooldown from then on.

Passive revitalization reduces your cooldowns whenever you perform a light attack. Since you also heal with light attacks, that is your primary task: attack.

If the allies are running out of health, use the ability to hug the light and make an evasive role beforehand so that you have the maximum healing.

What about the ice cream gauntlets? You use them primarily when your group is so stable that no healing is needed, but rather more damage. The ice storm is particularly useful here, as it increases your damage and that of your group.

You also have the Ice Tomb ability there, which you can use to make yourself invulnerable and regenerate mana in an emergency.

Life Staff and Sword + Shield - PvP (and optional Open World)

Why is this combo being played?  Even in PvP, the life staff is the perfect weapon to heal allies.

However, you will come into focus here more often. Enemy players will target healers or you will suddenly end up in several AoE fields or a trap. The sword + shield weapon is well suited for this to increase your defense and to be able to defend yourself in close combat.

The build is primarily intended for PvP content, but can also be used in the open world, for example for duels or world events. For dungeons, however, we recommend the build presented above.

How do I distribute the attributes? With this build, too, you are focusing on the value of concentration. In addition to this, you take constitution to increase your health points.

Which skills do I use with the life stick?

  • Blessed ground
  • Protection sphere
  • beacon
In general, this healer build also means that you can heal allies through attacks and your abilities. Compared to the build above, however, your healing power is a bit lower to ensure your survival instead.

This is how you skill the passive defensive light, through which you get mana if you successfully block. In addition, this time you take the hurry with you that you get over beacons.

When it comes to skills, you swap the embrace of the light for the sphere of protection. That brings reinforcement and thus less preventive damage, instead of the healing of the embrace of light.

Which skills do I use with the life stick?

Which skills do I use with Schwert + Schild?

  • Shield smashers
  • Shield storm
  • Defiance
With the sword, you focus completely on the defender tree. Here you can learn the skills of shield storm, shield smash and defiance. Here, too, passive skills play an important role in ensuring your survival.

You can skill Robust Shield, which passively brings you 15% more armor, elemental resistance, which brings you 10% less damage through magic, and bravery, through which you automatically get 10% additional life points when you carry a sword.

Defiance is your most defensive skill as it reduces incoming damage.

You only skill a passive ability in the sword master tree. The Achilles Heel allows you to slow down enemies when you need to flee from them.

Which skills do I use with Schwert + Schild?

What does the equipment look like? You rely entirely on heavy armor in order to be able to survive in the midst of the turmoil.

What is the rotation of skills like? This is generally a bit more difficult to say in PvP. Again, however, you should always stand in such a way that allies are between you and the enemy. Then you passively heal them through attacks.

In this build, too, you should again stack your intensification through heavy attacks and through the evasive role you strengthen your outgoing healing again.

However, should you be besieged by enemies, this time you are armed in close combat. With Schildschmetterer you can stun an enemy and get stamina back, with Schildsturm you can jump away from him. Stubbornness reduces incoming damage and can thus ensure your survival. There is also the reinforcement buff if you block successfully.

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