New World has an AFK timer - when will I get kicked?


New World has an AFK timer - when will I get kicked?

The long queues for the start of New World created a lot of discussion. In particular, the question of how long you can go AFK and when you will be kicked if you don't react quickly enough has preoccupied many players. We provide the answers.

Times Square, January 2009
Times Square, January 2009

How long does the AFK timer last? Yes, Community Manager Luxendra has confirmed in the official forum that there is such an AFK timer ( via New World ). We have tested it ourselves:

  • If you stand around in New World for 20 minutes, you will get a message at the top right of the screen that you will be kicked out of the game.
  • Anyone who has not moved after a total of 25 minutes is kicked out of the game.

Does auto-run work against the timer? No, if you only run AFK against a wall with Auto-Run (by default the NUM key), you will still be kicked out of the game.

How can I avoid the kick? Basically, by actively moving. So you should take an active action at least every 24 minutes, such as moving through the WASD buttons or an evasive role.

However, with the long queues, we appeal to your team spirit not to overuse the AFK time. Going out to eat is one thing, but blocking another player for the entire day is not collegial.

Large server queues are long, but transfers will be free

What is the current queue situation? In the first two days, players in Europe sometimes had to put up with queues of several thousand players. The problem is that the servers are capped in the number of players. A player has to leave the server for every new seat.

On the evening of September 29th, Amazon brought over 50 new servers. That made for relaxation. You can also start on any server and later switch servers with your character for free. That should straighten out the queues and give you the opportunity to play where you don't have to wait.

Even so, the queues had already had a negative impact on the Steam reviews and led to a lot of discussion in the community.

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