New World: How to find the flower cap for potions and the quest "Weakness of the ego"


New World: How to find the flower cap for potions and the quest "Weakness of the ego"

The petal cap is a mushroom in New World that is used for potions and the quest “weakness of the ego”. We reveal where you can find it and how you can dismantle it.

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A Knight's Quest - Solving Puzzles

Where can you find the flower cap? The flower cap is a mushroom that you can obtain from flower cap fronds. However, this plant only grows in a certain area, namely around the town of Windkreis.

It does not exist outside of this area, which makes it a relatively rare material. The flower cap is also being farmed by many players right now at the start, so the spawn places are often contested.

A larger collection of the fungus can be found at the transition to the area First Light in the south of Windkreis, as the NewWorld-Map shows:

Here you can find the flower cap

By the way, we generally recommend this map to find other resources such as iron or oil .

What do you need the flower cap for? This particular mushroom has two important functions:

  • On the one hand, you need it for certain potions that you can make in the Arkana profession
  • On the other hand, it is part of the quest "Weakness of the ego"

When can you dismantle flower caps?  For this mushroom you need harvesting work at level 30. You also need a sickle to be able to harvest the mushroom.

New World finally celebrated its release on, September 28th, but has been struggling with queues since then. Amazon's server capacities were simply not enough to cope with the rush of gamers.

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