New World launches today - which factions should you choose?


New World launches beta today - which factions should you choose?

The MMO New World starts its beta on July 20th. A central feature of the game is the faction selection from level 10. But which factions are there and which should you choose? We give you the information.

New World 8 Amazing Builds
New World 8 Amazing Builds

What kind of factions are these? In New World there are three factions to choose from , which differ significantly in their story and their game style. You can join one of them from level 10. There is:

  • The marauders
  • The alliance
  • The Syndicate

Why is the choice so important? The battles in the open world and the wars over fortresses are directly related to the factions. All three fight each other. There are also special faction missions that differ slightly.

By joining a faction, you are bound to them with that character. You can only change the faction every 120 days and therefore not at all in the beta. The only alternative is to delete the character and recreate it. Since guilds are also tied to a faction, you should choose them carefully.

Do you have to choose a parliamentary group? No, theoretically the quest can be ignored at level 10. However, you will then not be able to participate in open world PvP, faction quests and the wars for fortresses.

That is what the political groups offer

These are the marauders:  The marauders are a bit like pirates. They love freedom more than power, they are strong, and they value much damage caused.

This is the alliance:  The alliance is reminiscent of crusaders. They are armored fighters who fight against evil on the island of Aeternum. The parliamentary group takes on the role of the purist heroes.

This is the Syndicate:  The Syndicate is where the alchemists and magicians of New World gather. Game Director Scot Lane describes it as a kind of "alternate version of Isaac Newton". They are cunning, intellectual, and in search of forbidden knowledge.

The 3 factions in New World.

You should choose this faction

What bonuses do the factions bring? By joining a faction, you get special faction missions that include PvE and PvP tasks. These missions also give you specific faction equipment.

The choice of factions may play a role here, because depending on the description of the faction, different equipment is mentioned:

  • Marauders put a big focus on the damage, so you get offensive gear there
  • The alliance, on the other hand, relies more on heavy armament
  • The Syndicate is said to value potions and versatile equipment

However, it is not yet entirely clear to what extent the equipment actually differs and whether the faction equipment plays a role at all. After all, crafting is a guaranteed way to get the best equipment.

Which group is the best? Basically, you have a free choice in New World, as all factions do not differ that much in terms of play. However, there are certain advantages and disadvantages, which are more dependent on the status of your server than on the pure faction:

  • If you would like to fight for fortresses, you should choose the faction that is the weakest on the respective server. Because guilds can never call fortresses of their own faction to war. So whoever joins the strongest faction will have the least chance of fortress battles.
  • On the other hand, if you are more into PvE, you should join the strongest faction. Because there you can even do PvP missions in the open world without encountering too many enemy players.
You can see the respective dominance of the factions on the world map. Each faction has a different color when it controls territories. Please note, however, that the status of the card can change at any time.

This is how it looks on the map when one or the other faction controls areas.

Which group do you like the most? Or will you try out all factions once? Tell us in the comments.

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