New World: List of all 6 dungeons and where you can find them


New World: List of all 6 dungeons and where you can find them

Most of New World's group PvE content is focused on dungeons. They are called "Expeditions" in the new MMORPG and six of them are in the game at the time of release. We have listed for you which these are and where you can find them.

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What are expeditions? The Expeditions are the name for the classic dungeons in New World. So it is PvE content that you can complete as a group in order to get valuable equipment. You can play the first of these expeditions from level 25, while the last two are only aimed at players of level 60.

You have to function well as a group to overcome the lurking challenge and defeat the final boss of the dungeons. You will encounter mechanics that you do not yet know from the open world of New World and that you have to solve puzzles again and again in order to advance further.

The content is played in a group of five with a healer, a tank and three people who are responsible for the damage.

The levels of the dungeons are recommendations, you can basically also participate with a lower level, but then it becomes correspondingly more difficult.

What expeditions are there? At the start, six different expeditions are playable in the new MMORPG. These are the following:

  • The Amrhein excavation (recommended for level 25)
  • The Destroyed Obelisk (Recommended for Level 35)
  • The Depths (Recommended for Level 45)
  • The Dynasty Shipyard (Recommended for level 55)
  • The Lazarus instrument set (recommended for level 60)
  • The Garden of Origin (Recommended for level 60)

All six dungeons were already playable in the beta and will also appear in the finished game. Furthermore, New World is to be supplied with new dungeons even after its release.

Amrhein excavation - Dungeon level 25

It's in the Amrhein excavation: The dungeon lets you solve puzzles, kill monsters and fight bosses. These are the key data:

  • Minimum level: 25
  • Adversary Types : Lost and Ancestral Guardians
  • Location : In the northern part of "Windsward"

You and your group will encounter several normal opponents and a total of two bosses in the excavation. To get to them, you have to solve a bridge puzzle by correctly positioning yourself on the platforms. Then you meet the first boss, one of the ghosts.

He has various attacks that you have to avoid. If one of your group members dies, they can simply walk back to the boss from the beginning of the dungeon. As long as a member is still alive, the boss will not sit back. You shouldn't get used to this tactic, because it doesn't work with the second boss anymore.

The second and final boss is a heavily armored giant and goes by the name of Simon Gray. He hits heavily and slowly, but hits all the harder when you can't avoid him. 

Thematically, you are in an old ruin, matching the excavation, and trying to find out what could have happened there. In the dungeon you can also find diary entries that shed light on the history of the place.

The Destroyed Obelisk - Dungeon Level 35

This is in the destroyed obelisk: This dungeon not only challenges your sword arm, but also your brain cells. Because if you mess with the lasers of the obelisk, you are dead instantly.

  • Minimum level: 35
  • Enemy types: skeletons and ancestral guards
  • Location: In the “Everfall” area
Here, too, you can expect two bosses with different mechanics. The expedition is based on Greek mythology and also uses the names of the bosses. The following rule applies to the entire old ruin in which the expedition takes place: Beware of the light barriers.

These lasers will kill you instantly if you touch them. So you absolutely have to avoid them. The first boss of the dungeon will mainly annoy you with his adds, i.e. smaller opponents that he can summon. If you keep your distance and evade, the boss Alectos shouldn't be a major challenge.

The second and last boss is against the Greundgul, who brings a huge greatsword into the fight. In its first phase, you just have to do as much damage as possible quickly. He also conjures adds that you have to take care of.

In the second phase, the boss starts jumping around the room and sending out shock waves when he lands. You should avoid these, which can often be difficult. After a few jumps it stops and splits into two opponents. Kill both of them and then the adds he summons. Then he jumps again. Repeat the procedure until Geundgul falls and you have mastered the dungeon.

The Depths - Dungeon Level 45

It's in the depths: Before you go into the dungeon, you should talk to the alligator named Nekumanesh outside. He gives you a quest that you can complete within the dungeon.

  • Minimum level: 45
  • Opponent Types: Corrupted
  • Location: In the area of ​​the "Restless Shores"

Thematically, the area relies, unsurprisingly, on half-sunken underground ruins. You will find yourself in overcrowded camps, sodden tunnels and rotten hallways as you fight your way through the monsters. You solve the puzzles that lead you to the two bosses of the depths, which of course have to be defeated.

This time the bosses are even a familiar face. As the final boss, Captain Thorpe awaits you in the depths, who made your life difficult at the beginning of the game and wanted to kill you shortly after your shipwreck.

The other boss is Azamela. It is armed with a staff and makes you hell in three phases. In the fights, tactics and reaction are the most important factors, because Azamela and Thorpe are fast opponents who strike mercilessly when you are too slow.

Dynasty Shipyard - Dungeon level 55

This is in the shipyard of the dynasty: As the name suggests, the shipyard sends you into an Asian-inspired setting and waits for you with a total of nine bosses.

  • Minimum level: 55
  • Opponent Types: Dynasty and Corrupt
  • Location: To the west of "Brightwood", north of the "Monarch's Bluffs"
The aim in this dungeon is to overthrow the Empress of Ebonscale, as she is building a fleet of warships and wants to attack the island with it. You attack them first, of course, and you have to face their followers. In the Asian temple you fight against all kinds of opponents and a total of 9 different bosses. Two of these are defined as main bosses and seven as mini bosses.

On the way to the two big bosses you fight your way along the coast, through a cave and over the docks where the warships are built. Through the barracks to the imperial palace, where you will meet Empress Zhou as the last boss.

The main thing in this fight is to avoid damage as much as possible. Because the good lady and the dragons she conjures up really hurt. So you should make sure that your tank can always keep the aggro of the lady on it. It also conjures adds. You should kill them as soon as Zhou is in the air. If you follow these rules, you are certain of victory.

Lazarus instruments - dungeon level 60

This is in the Lazarus instrument set: The first max-level dungeon ends up in the Lazarus instrument set. We have already played it and come to the conclusion: failure can be so fun.

  • Minimum level: 60
  • Enemy types: skeletons
  • Location: In "Reekwater", north of the settlement

This dungeon is an old ruin where all kinds of skeletons want to make life difficult for you. Even the first opponents who come running towards you in front of a bridge are tough. Then comes the first puzzle that you have to solve. You have several attempts to do this, but new skeletons will always come towards you if you try a wrong solution.

It continues against the first boss, who has the shape of a large snake and snakes agile across the battlefield. If you have defeated the snake Cilla, only the final boss of the dungeon, who goes by the name of Chardis, is waiting for you.

Chardis is a great golem who watches over the fountain of Lazarus. It's slow, but it does a lot of damage. If you have defeated this powerful enemy, you have also mastered the first level 60 expeditions.

Garden of Origin - Dungeon Level 60

This is in the Garden of Origin: The Garden of Origin leads you into an enchanted area that is reminiscent of a kind of temple that was recaptured by nature.

  • Minimum level: 60
  • Opponent Types: Primitive
  • Location: In "Edengrove" between "Valor Hold" and "Mountrainrise"

In this dungeon you can expect again tricky puzzles that have to be solved before you can advance. It is primarily about the fires of origin that you must light in order to continue. Several mini-bosses and elite opponents make life difficult for you.

Including enemies that explode when they die. So here you have to be twice as careful when you bludgeon the hordes of monsters. As bosses you will then expect "The Caretaker" and "The Blighted Greenskeeper". They are among the toughest encounters you can experience in New World PvE. Several phases as well as different mechanics have to be mastered so that you can conquer the garden of origin.

What's next? For starters, these are all the dungeons that can be found in New World. We will keep this article up to date for you as soon as something changes or other dungeons are added to the list.

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