New World: This is how you make the life stick that you need as a healer


New World: This is how you make the life stick that you need as a healer

To be an effective healer in the new MMORPG New World , you need a very specific weapon. Since there are no classes in the game, your weapon determines what you can and cannot do. In addition, you first have to level your weapon in order to unlock skills with it. So you are right to ask: How do I make a life wand in New World?

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Life Changing Quotes Page 3

What is the life stick? The life staff is one of three magical weapons in New World that scale with the attribute intelligence. In contrast to the fire stick and the ice gauntlets, the life stick is the only one that focuses completely on support.

The life staff offers you the opportunity to choose between healing and protector and thereby support yourself and your allies. Especially for the beginning, we can recommend that you rely on the sword and the staff of life.

How do you make the life stick? To make such a staff, you need to find a level 2 settlement. It is necessary that the arcanum archive of the settlement, recognizable by the circle symbol on the map, is also at level 2. This is needed to make magical weapons.

After that, all you have to do is interact with the Arkanum Archive and create a life staff if you have the right materials for it. If the staff does not appear in your selection list, the required level 2 of the archive has not been reached.

To get started with an iron life stick, you will need the following raw materials:

  • 12 iron bars (obtained by smelting iron ore in the furnace)
  • 5 Rough Leather (Obtained by tanning leather at the tannery)
  • 6 life particles (obtained by harvesting life flowers)

How do I get life particles? The life particles in particular can present you with a challenge at the beginning. To harvest them, you need the life skill harvesting work at level 30. You can level this up by harvesting all kinds of plants.

Once he is at level 30, the MMORPG allows you to mine magical plants. Concentrate on the large and white shining ones, these are the flowers of life that give you the right raw materials for the life stick.

The life staff is also exciting for solo players

Why is the life stick good to start with? Especially in the early game, the life wand is ideal for you, as it makes fighting much easier for you. You can heal and fortify yourself and deal a little damage at a distance before the enemy gets to you.

When the enemy gets to you, you can use the Sacred Ground ability. This places a field in front of you, which triggers the robbery of life for all who stand in the field. So if you switch to your second weapon and hit it, you heal yourself even though you no longer have the staff in your hand.

You can also save a lot of food and healing potions through the healing and the robbery of life.

Which skills should you use? You should put the first skill points in the protector tree of the life staff and unlock the skills "protective sphere" and "beacon". At about weapon level 6 you can then get the last skill in the healing tree, namely "Holy Ground".

If you go solo more often, you don't have to unlock the last skills of the trees, as they focus on supporting your group. So you can concentrate more on the passive improvements of your existing skills, which makes you very strong relatively early on.

Among other things, you can learn "Touch of the Protector" to take less damage when attacking or run away faster with "Balance" if you fall below 50% health. The life stick makes your life in New World a lot easier, especially at the beginning.

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