Ode To Heroes Working Codes - March 2023


Ode To Heroes Working Codes - September 2021

Ode To Heroes is an isometric, action-packed mobile RPG game in which you'll have to fix a scattered timeline.

Where to Redeem Ode To Heroes Codes

Click on the avatar in the upper left corner of the screen, then select the "Exchange code" option.

All current and working Ode To Heroes gift promo codes

  1. QQC178 - one recruiting letter, two hundred jade shells, 50 thousand coins
  2. FEBGIFTQQC – Redeem code expires on February 28th, 2023
  3. QQC178 – Redeem this code and get the reward(Permanent)

Invalid Ode To Heroes Codes

  1. qiurihaoli
  2. yiyezhiqiu
  3. fulidd0721
  4. xrhl0715
  5. zongzi0612
  6. xuyuancg
  7. znyn0606
  8. hayoye0521
  9. lixia0505
  10. fangjiala
  11. guyu0420
  12. siyueweixia
  13. xuanniao0320
  14. meixiangdaoba
  15. tangyuan0226

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