Play the new MMORPG Blade & Soul 2 now - a little trick makes it possible


Play the new MMORPG Blade & Soul 2 now - a little trick makes it possible

The MMORPG Blade & Soul 2 (Android, iOS, PC) was released in Korea on August 26th. Over 7.4 million people had already registered for the new game in advance and you can be part of it with a little trick. We explain how.

What is Blade & Soul 2? It is the direct successor to the hit MMORPG Blade & Soul, which has enjoyed great success in Korea since 2012 and was also released in Europe in 2016. With 7.4 million advance registrations, Blade & Soul 2 even breaks the Lineage 2M record in Korea and is already a hit.

The MMORPG was originally only supposed to appear for smartphones, but publisher NCSoft later also promised a PC version that was released at the same time as the other variants of the game. This is made possible by the Purple Client from NCSoft, which brings all fans together on one platform and enables crossplay of PC, Android and iOS.

How can you play along? Blade & Soul 2 was initially only released in Korea, but it works without a region lock. So you can play without a VPN or other tricks. The catch is that the download has been restricted regionally and you can play, but not just get to the game.

But if you get the data of the MMORPG from another source, you can actually just play along. It works like this:

  • Visit the official website of NCSoft and download the Purple Client. To do this, click on the purple button at the top right and then on Windows (via ).
  • Install the program and then use one of the given login options.
  • If you try to install Blade & Soul 2 now, it will not be possible. You need the game files from an external source.
  • You can find the game files in this Google Drive. The file was uploaded from a Russian website. We downloaded them ourselves and we can play Blade & Soul 2 without any problems. Nevertheless, the download takes place at your own risk (via ).
  • If you then execute the file, the installer of Blade & Soul 2 opens. Click it and install the MMORPG.
  • Then you close the Purple Client and start it again, then select Blade & Soul 2 and press Update in the lower right corner.
  • When choosing a server you have to enter a phone number. A German number also works there. However, you have to enter the “0” despite the “+49”.
  • You can now play Blade & Soul 2 without any problems, but there is no language patch yet, so the game is currently still entirely in Korean.
  • In addition, the servers are also in Korea. We therefore recommend VPN tools such as ExitLag to be able to play more smoothly (via ).

A release for the west has also been officially announced, but has no date yet. So if you want to play Blade & Soul 2 as quickly as possible, there is currently no way around this trick.

What gameplay features does the MMORPG offer? In terms of gameplay, you can expect a game with a PvP focus and an open class system, plus the following:

  • PvP focus and esports inclusion
  • An open world with two continents
  • Crossplay between different platforms
  • PvE content for groups and solo players
  • An action combat system with tactical depth
  • Quests and other missions

When will Blade & Soul 2 come out with us? There is no release date yet. The MMO was originally supposed to appear globally in 2021, but has already been postponed according to this statement. We no longer expect it to appear in the western market in 2021.

However, we also assume that NCSoft will not take 4 years, as was the case with its predecessor. We will of course keep you up to date.

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