Psychonauts 2 Collectibles Guide


Psychonauts 2 Collectibles Guide

Complete Guide to Collecting All Collectibles in Psychonauts 2

In this guide, you will learn how to find all the secret items in Psychonauts 2.

Scavenger Hunts

The task is activated after meeting with Norma in the hallway. This time the hero will have to collect 16 different items to get back his old clothes. After completing the quest, the player will be able to change the hero's appearance items in the toilets of the Motherlobe. Keep in mind that this quest cannot be completed until Raz unlocks the Projection ability after meeting Cassie.

Rotten Sushi

The very first item a player can find. It is located in a bowl of noodles in the cafeteria in the Motherlobe location.

Psychonauts Name Tag

One of the easiest collectibles to find in the game. To get it, you need to go to the Agents section in the Motherlobe. Not far from Milla's office we find a storage room. We interact with the door to obtain a tag.

Agent Orientation Laserdisc

This item can be found in Otto's laboratory. After talking with the man, we pass by him and turn right. Once he will find a corridor with electric charges on the floor. We use the levitation ball and roll over to the object at the very end of the tunnel.

Unexploded Bomb

You can find this collectible in the Quarry just before entering the Questionable Area. The player will notice a fire near the mine, which must be ignited with pyrokinesis for an air flow to appear. We climb along it to the unexploded bomb, which is located on top of the crane.

Can Of Corn

The collectible can be found in the Sassyclops Cave, which is located in the Questionable Area. It is located near the Aquato camp. We go inside the cave and light the first fire that caught our eye, to create an ascending stream. We go upstairs and take the jar from the ledge.

Psitanium Knife

The item is located in the Quarry, in a cave that is near Lilly's location on the right side of the location. We follow to the girl and go inside the cave. We move on to the shiny knife and take it away.

Switchblade Hatchet

To obtain the item, the player first needs to learn the Time Bubble ability. After gaining the skill, we go to the Questionable Area, where right outside the Aquato camp we notice a water wheel. It spins at a very high speed, so we use the ability on it to slow down the device. We get to the roof and take away the collectible ax.

Mini Murder Bug Bot

Having reached the Green Needle Gulch, the player needs to go through all the levels of Ford's brain, and then find the house next to which the man is. We go up the stairs and with the help of pyrokinesis we burn the thorns blocking the door. We get out to the balcony and move along it until we find a collectible.

Viking Helmet

The Viking Helmet can be found in the Green Needle Gulch. Behind the Heptadome, the player will notice a camping van next to the stage. We go behind the car and find the item.

Beehive Shaped Like My Phone

This collectible is found behind Cassie's house in the Green Needle Gulch. We make our way to the girl's house, and then use the levitation ball to jump over the wall. This will allow Raz to get to the back of the courtyard. This is where the device will be located.

Signed Copy of Mindswarm

We go inside the hive and follow to Cassie. We ask her to sign a copy for Raz by choosing the option "Cassie, can you sign my copy of the book 'Mind Swarm'?" (Cassie, would you sign my copy of Mindswarm).

Human Skull

After starting the funicular in the Questionable Area, we climb onto the roof of the left building to pick up the hidden object. Most likely, he will already be found in the process of completing the additional task "A rare mushroom for Lilly."

Enemy Surveillance Drone

An enemy drone can be found after gaining the Projection ability from Cassie. In the storage cabinet in the Motherlobe, the player must find a locked door. We use the skill of Raza and we pass into the next room. We climb onto the locker and take away the collectible.

Novelty Mug

This item is located at the Lumberstack Diner in the Questionable Area. You can only get to it using the Projection ability. After receiving it, we return to the cafe and open the locked door using a new skill. Inside we will find the coveted mug.

Deck Of Cards

The collectible is hidden in the Astral Lanes bowling alley located in the Motherlobe. We grab the ball with the help of telekinesis and throw it forward several times along the path. After several attempts, a deck of cards will come out of the hole for feeding balls.

Astronaut Ice Cream

One of the most secret items in the entire game. It can be obtained from the Central Nerve in the Motherlobe. We approach the computer screen highlighted in green in the center of the room and interact with it. After that, another device will light up in the same color. We use each computer in turn until the long-awaited ice cream pops out of the last one. It is located on the side of the wall.

Rare Fungus For Lilli

First of all, Raz needs to find Lilly for the subsequent activation of the task. We leave the Motherlobe and turn right at the exit from the location. The player will notice several stones over which you need to jump. We follow along this path until Raz notices Lilly, sitting in a small garden.

The girl will tell the hero that she is worried about her father. We offer her our help. After that, Lilly will ask Raz to buy a rare mushroom, and information about the location of the item will be displayed in the journal.

We follow to the Questionable Area, turn left and pass the Forgetful Forest. Once he finds a funicular that needs to be repaired. We collect three gears using telekinesis and insert them into the engine:

  1. The first is located near the engine.
  2. The second lies on a stone near the tree house.
  3. The third is located against the wall between two tunnels.

After repairing the mechanisms, we go up the funicular to the top of the mountain. We follow the path to the right and at the very end of the site we run into a waterfall. There is a rare mushroom behind it, so you need to use the Time Bubble ability on the log when it just rises, and then jump into the waterfall from the slowed down platform.

In a cave illuminated by purple crystals, the player will be able to find the required item. We interact with the purple mushroom and bring it back to Lilly.

Find Queepie (How To Find Queepie)

On our first visit to the Questionable Area, we immediately go to Camp Aquato. It is located on the right side of the map. After a plot conversation with all family members, we approach Raz's mother. We offer the woman our help to activate the task, in which the player will have to find his brother six times. The main clue when searching for Queepi is clearly audible music. In addition, the boy always hides only in the Questionable Area.

First location of Queepy

The first deployment of Quipi is located near the Aquato camp. We leave from it and on the contrary we notice a platform for playing horseshoes. We interact with the brother, after which he will run away to another place.

Second location of Queepy

Next to the family camp is the Sassyclops Cave. We pass into it and follow to the very end, until we bury ourselves in our brother.

Third location of Queepy

One of the most hidden places, as it is rather difficult to determine the directions of sound. At the entrance to the wooded part of the Questionable Area, the player may notice a sign indicating the location of the Aquato camp. We will be able to find Queepi right above the sign in the treetops, but getting there is quite difficult. We turn in the opposite direction and notice the vines that will help the hero climb the tree. We rise to the very top and use the rope to get from one tree to another. We go upstairs again and notice the brother at the end of the path, next to a green sign pointing down.

Fourth location of Queepy

This time, Quipi will hide even further from the parents' camp, next to the Forgetful Forest. The boy is in a tree overlooking the funicular. The easiest way to get to it is with the toilet. We jump onto its roof and use the ladder to climb the trees. Climb higher on the vines and use the rope again to move to the bush. We follow further along the platforms until we get to the bird's nest, next to which Raz's brother will be.

Fifth location of Queepy

This time, Queepy will hide in the Lumberstack Diner. We jump onto the hood of the car and climb onto the roof of the establishment, where Raza will already be waiting for his brother.

Sixth location of Queepy

The final point is located at the top of the Sassyclops Cave. We return to the Aquato camp and light a fire with pyrokinesis to create an updraft. With the help of it we climb up and go to the platform on the right, on which there is an elastic bush. We jump on it and get to the next platform. We use another bush and follow the path until we reach the wooden racks. We jump over them and find Kvipi on the platform.

Help Dion Set Up The Aquatodome

We go to the Aquato family camp for the first time to activate some of the storyline actions. After watching the video, Dion will travel to the parking lot in the Questionable Area to set up the circus tent. We leave the camp and move to the left towards the diner. We talk in the parking lot with Dion and offer him help.

To complete this task, you need to climb the platforms to the very top of the tent poles. We use the levitation ball and jump from one platform to another. On the topmost support we notice a target, into which the player must hit. We use a ranged psi attack to free the ropes and set up the tent. For the successful completion of the task, Raz will be able to somersault in the air.

Vent The Psychoseisometers For Gisu

To activate the quest, the player needs to find Gisa. We follow in the Quarry and examine the territory outside the main base. Turn left and find a tree house. We use the logs in the water to get into it. Music will play in the background when Raz is on the right track and gets a little closer to the tree house.

After completing the main storyline, Gisu will move to the Questionable Area. We pass along the path to the left past the circus tent to find the desired character. We activate the task and go to the three psychoseisometers. After activating each device, the hero will have to move inside the installation and fight against crowds of enemies in the arena.

Psychoseisometer 099

The first device is in the Quarry. Just outside Otto's lab, the player will find the entrance to the Questionable Area. To the right of it we find a cave, which has a sign with the inscription "Blastcap Becky" (Blastcap Becky).

We go inside and get to the end of the location to find the psychoseisometer. During the journey, Raz will have to jump over stones and climb various vines. We interact with the purple car and deal with opponents.

Psychoseisometer H18

We go to the Aquato camp in the Questionable Area. We follow to the left of the first caravan and turn into the forest, where we will find a cave with cracks. We break the wall at the cave and find another psychoseisometer inside. We defeat three waves of enemies and go in search of the third device.

Psychoseisometer Q33

At the beginning of the Questionable Area, turn left and follow towards the funicular and the Forgetful Forest. Find Norma and Augustus. We light a fire with pyrokinesis and use the updraft to get as high as possible. We follow forward and grab the ledge in front of the hero. We follow the path to the left to find an elastic bush, and move on until we find a strong gust of wind. We use it to move to the last device, and after we defeat all the enemies and return to Gisu to complete the task.

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