Secrets and puzzles in King's Bounty 2. How to solve a gargoyle puzzle, find a secret location, which plates to activate in abandoned catacombs and much more


Secrets and puzzles in King's Bounty 2. How to solve a gargoyle puzzle, find a secret location, which plates to activate in abandoned catacombs and much more

King's Bounty 2 developers have implemented several exciting puzzles, which in most cases are based only on activating objects in the correct sequence. Also, such a large in-game map could not do without secret locations, which only the most attentive players can reach. In this post, we will talk about solving puzzles and the location of secrets in the game.

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How to remove Rossum's shield

This puzzle is to be solved at the very beginning of the game after leaving the dungeon. The player must remove Rossum's shield or defeat the golems in the "Ruins of a New Hope" quest.

Due to a lack of knowledge, the warrior will not be able to touch the runes and solve the puzzle. We activate the symbol hanging in the air and use the following sequence of runes to remove the shield:

  1. Central.
  2. Left.
  3. Right.

Now the player will be able to talk to the mage and ask him to remove the golems from the passage.

Secret location in the Albian Highlands

Faced with golems in the "Ruins of a New Hope" quest, the player first needs to walk along the path to the right. We rise up the slope and go around the magic barrier on the right side. The hero will open the way to an abandoned house, in which a secret place with small rewards awaits him.

We take away inside the house and after collecting all the items we use the candlestick on the wall to get access to the cache. We follow forward through the opened passage behind the bookshelf. Inside the hero will find about three hundred gold coins, some mana and several goods for sale.

How to solve the puzzle in Grace

The player will be able to discover this puzzle in a small hideout after leaving the prison. We move straight from the dungeon along the path, and on the way the hero will pay attention to a strange mysterious symbol in the air, which will lead him to an abandoned village.

After activating the task "Icy Bones" at the fork, choose the right path and go straight to Grace. We rise along the stairs to the fortress and on the right we will find three statues with bowls. Let's activate them in the correct order:

  1. Right.
  2. Left.
  3. Central.
After using the last bowl, a portal will open, which will allow the player to get acquainted with the living skeleton and complete several tasks for him.

Where to find the hidden chest near Bathil Gate

The cache can be found immediately after finding the monument of the same name for fast movement in the southeastern part of the first map. In the cart we find the key and use it on the locked door on the left.

Inside a small room we find the handle and immediately move opposite to the water mill. We use the handle and take out the well-deserved reward from the raised chest.

Which plates to activate in the abandoned catacombs

In this location, the player will have to meet a manticore. In the process of exploring the dungeon in the "Abandoned Catacombs" quest, which will open after completing "Refugee Camp", the player will come across slabs with various drawings. The correct symbols for further exploration of the location are indicated on the two walls in front of the player, so to go to the next room, you must activate the plates in the correct sequence. Pay attention to the screenshot above, which shows the correct road. It looks like this:

  1. We go to the far left tile.
  2. We move forward one tile.
  3. We pass three tiles to the right.
  4. We follow forward to the end.

How to complete the puzzle in the Swan Song

In Marcellus, a local official Tweet will ask the hero to find the author of the speeches, Flavius ​​Ostroslov. We examine in turn all the points indicated on the map and not far from the aqueduct we will stumble upon a puzzle.

The player, as in Grace, will have to set fire to the bowls at the statues in the correct sequence:

  1. Left statue in front.
  2. Right statue in the back.
  3. Left statue in the back.
  4. Front right statue.
After the successful activation of all the statues, a chest with gold will appear on the stele in the center of the catacombs.

How to walk through the symbols in the "Refuge of the Enlightened" quest

After activating the main task, the hero will have to cross the Witch's Bridge. Tivir will leave a hint about the correct passage in the vicinity of Marcella. Having reached the path with symbols, the player is allowed to step only on the images "trident", "y" and "a", and the correct sequence of symbols looks like this:

  1. We step on the central one.
  2. We move to the right symbol.
  3. Go to the next row to the right symbol.
  4. We follow the central symbol of the same row.
  5. Move diagonally to the left symbol in the next row.
  6. Steps again on the left character in the row.
  7. We move to the central symbol in this row and move to the end along the central runes.

How to activate the runes in the quest "Mad Genius"

In this quest, after meeting Palatinus, the player will have to choose one of two options for actions (strength or mastery). The second choice will allow you to interact with multiple wall plates that also match the symbols on the device. To do this, it is enough to remember the designations of the first two runes and activate them. After another conversation with Palatinus, you will have to do the same with the remaining four runes outside the house. We go outside and find suitable symbols:

  1. The green symbol in the form of a capital letter "p" is on the wall to the left of the house.
  2. We will find a red rune that looks like a vertical stick with several patterns at the back, near the sanctuary.
  3. The yellow rune with the changed letter "a" is located on the wall near the entrance.
  4. We will find a blue key symbol with a handle in the form of a small letter "c" a little further, next to the chest.

How to solve the puzzle in the task "Patron and philanthropist"

In this quest, the player will again have to choose the desired path. To access the runes, you need to focus on anarchy, however, the correct completion of the puzzle is not required to complete the entire mission. Please note that there are several pairs of runes near the three gates. Use the upper left entrance, then the middle right gate, and then examine the lower right passage. In these places, we use the runes in the following order:

  1. Bread.
  2. Soet.
  3. Bread.
  4. Cor.
  5. Bread.
  6. Dingir.
In the end of the mission, after the girl is freed, do not forget to step on three plates to get to the secret cache.

How to solve the puzzle in the Windy Port

This puzzle can be found during the "Conflict in the Windy Port" quest. You can only get to the puzzle after choosing Mastery. Having found a cave, the player will have to interact with several pillars, which differ from each other by symbols. Use the following sequence to solve the puzzle:

  1. A triangle with a pointed end up.
  2. Circle.
  3. Square.
  4. A triangle with a pointed end downward.
  5. Rhombus.
As a reward, the player will receive an artifact that increases elemental damage. It is very effective when using elementals in the army, and is also necessary to significantly enhance the hero's magical abilities.

How to solve puzzles in Henry's Legacy

In this quest, the player will have to face two riddles at once. After the battle with the robbers, first activate the plates on the wall:

  1. Far left.
  2. Far right.
  3. On the stairs to the right.
  4. At the top of the right staircase.
  5. At the top of the left staircase.
Having reached the library, we interact with the books in the following order:

  1. Albian Highlands: A History of Conquest
  2. Under the tower of the magicians
  3. Crown of kings
  4. Deserter or Hero: The Shepherd's Story
The player will be able to receive a reward after transferring the found item to one of the proposed characters.

How to activate gargoyles in the quest "Beauty and the Beast"

In this side mission, which will be given out in Floster, the player will be presented with a gargoyle puzzle, provided they choose a path without using force. We stop at skill and set off to study the riddle, the solution of which will allow us to strengthen the hero's army in the subsequent battle with the help of gargoyles.

The principle lies in the alternate activation of the statues, however, after using one gargoyle, those standing nearby will also go down. We examine the rune in front of the largest one, which is in the middle, and use the corresponding runes in front of the other gargoyles from left to right.

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