Tales of Arise: Playing time and scope in detail


Tales of Arise: Playing time and scope in detail

Tales of Arise has become an epic JRPG and these are correspondingly extensive in terms of playing time. You can find out how it looks with playing time and scope and what else you can look forward to here!

Mosaic - 18 Minutes of Gameplay
Mosaic - 18 Minutes of Gameplay

Playing time of Tales of Arise

How long you will be busy with Tales of Arise depends a lot on how you play. Depending on whether you're just concentrating on the story, doing side quests or other activities, or exploring every corner of the game world, the game time looks something like this:

  • Just the story:  About 40 hours
  • Story + side quests and activities: Approx. 60 hours
  • Completeists and achievement hunters: Approx. 100 hours

In my personal playthrough, it took me about 56 hours to see the credits. By then I had done around two thirds of all side missions and had also done other activities such as fishing or raising livestock.

The fights and especially cutscenes and dialogues make up a large part of the playing time. Above all, there are lots of optional dialogues and depending on how much the story grabs you or how much you grind, the duration of the game varies greatly.

Scope in detail

As usual for a Japano RPG, a lot of the content in the endgame is hidden after the story. After the end of the main quest you will be somewhere between level 50 and 60, but you can continue to play up to level 100 and accordingly there are side quests and other endgame content that is hidden behind these level hurdles.

At first you can just concentrate on the story. After the end credits, a separate savegame will be created, which will place you at the last point before the end of the main story. From here you can tackle all the challenges that are still open in the game world.

Sideline occupations in Tales of Arise include:

  • 70 side quests
  • Cattle breeding on their own farm
  • Fishing with over 40 different species of fish
  • Crafting and cooking with over 30 different recipes
  • Optional bosses
  • Hidden owls as collectibles
  • Over 300 items of armor and weapons
If you really want to do everything, you can also chase the trophies and successes of Tales of Arise. In addition, there is also a New Game Plus , in which you can start a new round of the game with all level progress and equipment.

As soon as you have finished Tales of Arise, please share your playing time with us in the comments!

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