Tales of Arise: Solve card action in the Igloo Wasteland (open locked area)


Tales of Arise: Solve card action in the Igloo Wasteland (open locked area)

Relatively at the beginning of Tales of Arise, you are among other things in the Iglia wasteland in the kingdom of Calaglia. There is a blocked area in the southwest which you cannot enter and which is blocked by a large stone and a guard. We'll show you how you can solve this card campaign in the Iglia Wasteland.

How to solve the card campaign in Igloodland (Tales of Arise)

In front of the corresponding point in the Igliaödland, a large rock blocks a hidden area behind it, which is shown on the map. In addition, there is a male member of the scarlet crow who guards the place. If you talk to him, he will tell you that there are a few weapons locked in the area who are not allowed to escape. Access does not seem possible because you are not allowed to pass.

How can you solve the card action? You cannot enter this area at the beginning of the game, so move on first. Don't worry, you won't miss anything here, because this point will only become relevant later as part of the side quest “Mixed feelings”.

More precisely, it takes some playing time until shortly before the end of the main story before you can accept this side quest in Ulzebek. You should also have reached at least level 53 because you have to defeat a giant weapon with this level. It will take some time until you reach these level regions.

So you can safely save this challenge until the end of the main story. You can then still make up for all the side quests in the game world that you have not done before. In the course of the quest you can remove the rock to the blocked area with the map action of Law (wrecking fists). This costs you 61 HP.

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