The Assassin Resurrected in Diablo 2: Beginners Guide


The Assassin Resurrected in Diablo 2: Beginners Guide

The Assassin is the martial arts expert in Diablo 2: Resurrected, but she can also set deadly traps. With our guide you are well prepared for the normal level of difficulty.

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General Assassin Tips

For the Assassin, we recommend a build around trapping, also known as Trapsin . This means that you benefit above all from the powerful rune word leaf . One disadvantage: affixes like  mana after every kill have little influence, as the damage is caused by your traps and therefore does not count towards the assassin. So you cannot avoid the generous use of mana potions.

The most important attributes

  • Strength / skill
Only invest as many points here as necessary to carry your equipment. In the difficulty level normal you should have about 60 strength in the fifth act.
  • energy
Optionally, you can invest a few points in energy at the beginning of the game to increase your mana supply. In the long term, however, your mana increases automatically with increasing level and better equipment. You cannot avoid the regular consumption of mana potions on the first level of difficulty.
  • vitality
If possible, always put all your points in vitality.

Beginner build to get you started

As an assassin, you mainly use the burst of fire in the first few hours of the game . At level 12, the fire wave becomes your primary skill.

At level 25, your build could look something like this:

capabilitySkill points
Fire burst6th
Claw Mastery1
Acceleration pace5
Fire wave13+

In addition, a few points in acceleration speed are worthwhile to increase your attack speed and thus your damage. Make sure that this ability is always activated.

Helpful rune words

In Difficulty Normal  their benefits enormously from the runewords Stealth and sheet .

RunewordRunes and equipmentEffects
Stealth (Level 17)
  • Valley + eth
  • Gray armor with 2 sockets
  • + 25% movement speed
  • + 25% faster cast rate
  • + 25% faster recovery after being hit
  • +6 to dexterity
  • Mana regenerate 15%
  • +15 to maximum stamina
  • Poison Resistance + 30%
  • Magic damage reduced by 3
Leaf (level 19)
  • Tir + Ral
  • Gray rod with 2 bases
  • 3 to fire skills
  • Adds 5-30 fire damage
  • +3 to Firebolt (Sorceress only)
  • +3 to Inferno (only sorceress)
  • +3 to warmth (sorceress only)
  • +2 to defense per level
  • Cold resistance + 33%
  • +2 to mana after every kill

Since all of your damage is done by fire abilities, Blatt gives you a huge bonus. Therefore defeat the countess in the first act until you have found the necessary runes Tir and Ral . As an assassin, you should definitely base this in a short stick , as the higher attack speed is crucial for the class.

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