The Sims 4: my cats and dogs do not enter the house


The Sims 4: my cats and dogs do not enter the house

Like the Sims, pets can also cause problems in The Sims 4 . Something that makes players very uncomfortable is that dogs and cats sometimes have problems with entering homes or climbing stairs. This prevents the characters in the household from establishing a good relationship with their pets and it is more difficult for the player to find them to do activities with them .

This can become very uncomfortable for the inhabitants of the house , and also for the pet. If this error is happening to you, you have to know that it can be solved with some methods that you can find in our complete guide to The Sims 4 . Below, you can see all the information on the subject.

Stairs can be a problem

In the event that you have stairs at your entrance and your pet is small, things could get complicated, since the puppies do not have the ability to climb them. One solution would be to remove the stairs and make the house on one level.

Locked doors

Make sure the front door to your house is not locked for pets. Possibly, you have placed it this way and you have not noticed. To unlock it, follow these steps:

  • Click on the door.
  • Select «Close Door with Key To…» .
  • Check if it is in "All Pets" .
  • Click on "Unlock" to remove the door lock.

Error with the door

It is possible that the door has some kind of error, either because it is colliding with something, or because it is in a bad position. If you think so, try moving it somewhere else or swapping it out for a new one that is totally different.


Teleporting the characters in your household can help you on a number of occasions, including this desperate situation. Open the command console:

  • PC: Control + Shift + C
  • PS4: L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
  • Xbox One: LB + LT + RB + RT
Activate the following code:

  • testingcheats true
Select your dog or cat, hold down Shift and click inside the house. Then choose "Teleport Here" to have the pet appear in the location you have selected.

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