The Sims 4: my Sim can't go to work


The Sims 4: my Sim can't go to work

Work is extremely important for characters in The Sims 4 , with these you can get different achievements , money and objects in Build Mode. Simply put, it's something that helps Sims constantly advance in a number of ways and so shouldn't be left out.

To attend the job is very easy, you just have to click on the work suitcase that is in the Profession section, although normally the character goes to work automatically. However, some users have reported an issue that prevents Sims from going to work, the action hangs, and they cannot leave their home. If the same thing happens with you, we recommend you follow the advice in our complete guide to The Sims 4 , since here you can find all the solution methods that you should do to solve the error.

Change the type of Solar

When creating, modifying or buying a plot, it contains characteristics that define how the environment of the place is, pleasant, good acoustics, natural lighting, strong winds and many other things. On the other hand, there are the categories that influence the type of function that you want to give the plot, there are 3 in total:

  • Residential.
  • Residential Mini House.
  • Residential Haunted House.

To solve the error, it is recommended that you change the type of lot for a different one, this can be done from the Build Mode in the upper left part of the screen. The ideal is to change it and return it back to how it was before, so the lot will have a kind of reset and will not give problems when your Sim has to go to work.

Move to another world

If you cannot make the plot change its characteristics and the error remains, it is best that you move to another house, preferably to a different world where you can start over. In this way, being on a plot in a different neighborhood, all the variables of the game change, including the way in which your Sims leave the lot, whether to go to work or elsewhere.

Change the character's outfit before going to work

Sometimes, Sims need to change outfits to perform specific actions, such as going to parties, or playing sports. When it comes to employment, it's the same, each character has to wear a special outfit to work, so a few minutes before the Sim goes to work, change their outfit to work and then select Go to Work from the Profession section. This makes your Sim feel ready to do their job so they can attend without any hassle.

Change job

It is not the most suitable option, but it could also solve the error that bothers you so much. Try to change to another job that you like and test if it works, possibly solve all the problems.

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