The Sims 4: my Sim can't sleep


The Sims 4: my Sim can't sleep

In The Sims 4 we can see an incredible life simulation where the developers have taken into account all the details to make it realistic , such as needs. One of the things that must be done in order for the Sims to feel good and to be able to carry out their daily activities is to sleep, since without energy they do not respond to your orders.

However, there is a very common mistake that can cause a lot of problems, it happens when you send your Sim to sleep, but he stays standing near the bed, wakes up quickly or ignores this action. If you have had this problem, you do not have to worry, there are several things you can do to solve it, so we leave you our complete guide to The Sims 4 with all the steps you must follow.

Eliminate all sounds from the room where your Sim sleeps

Nobody likes to be disturbed when they are sleeping, and the same is the case with Sims. Characters are programmed to react to different situations, including noise, which can make Sims dance, hear, or make them uncomfortable. So if you have any crying radio, TV, baby or toddler players near your rest area, be sure to remove or turn them off so the Sim can rest easy. Otherwise, he will get out of bed when you send him to sleep and will not be able to rest.

Use the bed with another Sim

This can also be a bug, so try having another Sim sleep in the same bed as the one they can't sleep with. In this way, you check if something happens with the object that is being used.

Move or buy new beds

When a character is paralyzed without doing anything near the bed, he tries to move the bed. If the problem persists, sell it and buy a new one of a different model. This is one of the most effective solutions for this type of problem with objects in The Sims 4.

Restart the game

If none of the above methods work for you, then restart the game . Possibly, it is an error that was generated while you were playing, and this would be the way to get rid of it.

By taking all these tips into account, you are sure to solve your Sim's problem . 

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