Tips to be the best student in The Sims 4: College Days


Tips to be the best student in The Sims 4: College Days

Like basic studies and work, college is of the utmost importance to Sims as it is an effective way to prepare for any profession they wish to pursue . This allows them to gain faster and more advanced knowledge about their chosen career in The Sims 4 .

Top 5 Student Finance Hacks
Top 5 Student Finance Hacks

However, in order to graduate you have to pass different subjects and you have to focus to get good results from your studies. In case you want to be very efficient in college, in our complete guide to The Sims 4 you can find all the tips that you should take into account to improve as a student.

Leave or change your job in The Sims 4

Even if you think that it is a very difficult decision, it is best that you leave your current job when you go to university, since your work schedule can collide with the schedule of classes, and that makes your life out of control student.

However, there is an alternative to employment, and that is to become part of a Club in which you can collaborate, or simply change your job for a Partial Job or one that best suits your university life. Another thing you can do is work from home making paintings to sell, singing, playing or composing, creating content and many things of this style that do not have a fixed schedule that interferes with your academic activities.

Doing homework and work in The Sims 4

To advance you have to fulfill certain tasks, such as doing homework and completing coursework . This helps you progress and get good grades in each of the subjects.

Attend class on time

Being late to class is one of the worst things you can do because it significantly slows down your Sim's performance in assignments. Make sure this never happens, make your character organize himself with all his activities so that he can attend classes without problems.

Be more efficient in class

Even though we cannot see the Sim within their classes, we have the ability to control what they do during this time. In the people icon that appears in the character's photo, when we press it, different options appear, it is best to choose Attend Classes Normally , in order to ensure that the Sim stays focused and continues to stand out as a good student within the university facilities.

This helps you finish your subjects quickly, so try to follow all these tips to the letter.

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