TOP 10 Best Mobile Games for Summer 2021: The Witcher Game, Overwatch with Mechs and Cool Action from Marvel


TOP 10 Best Mobile Games for Summer 2021: The Witcher Game, Overwatch with Mechs and Cool Action from Marvel

Mobile gaming may be no match for full-fledged gaming, but sometimes you want to hack into something cool while you are on the road or standing in line. For this occasion, we have compiled a selection of the best mobile games released this summer. If you prefer to watch, not read, feel free to include the video: it's full of jokes, memes and fun!

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer. Become a witcher

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a shareware augmented reality game inspired by Pokemon GO. To feel like a witcher, you have to leave the house and walk around the area with a phone in your hands - on familiar streets you will meet goblin, griffins, alps and other evil spirits.

The game has many advantages: a good plot, excellent graphics and a good soundtrack. The gameplay also turned out to be fascinating: it is fun to shred the villains with a sword and set them on fire with the sign of Igni.

Alas, there were some mistakes. The fact is that the game is too persistently trying to get into the gamer's pocket. You will have to buy swords, consumables, item bags and other goodies. Even to brew an important potion, you need to either wait for an hour in real time, or invest the minted coin in an alchemy kit. It is not surprising that in the first week alone, gamers invested about half a million dollars in the project.

However, whatever mistakes CD Projekt RED made, The Witcher: Monster Slayer became one of the main mobile releases of the past summer. 

Contra Returns. Return of the classics

Old gamers have special feelings for the Contra series. It's hard to describe how many hours they spent in front of the TV, shooting aliens with cool cannons. Alas, there have been no sensible big games for the franchise for a long time - but a good mobile phone came out in the summerContra Returns .

Gamers will once again travel to the distant future and take control of Bill Riser and Lance Bean. Tough men will have to rush through 200 challenging levels with a hurricane and defend their home planet.

The project is praised for its excellent picture, driving soundtrack and gameplay, as in the good old days. Alas, we must not forget that Contra Returns is a game for smartphones, which is inherent in all the sores of mobile gaming.

It takes energy to go on a mission. Loot boxes and roulettes sometimes make you spend more time on the menu than on the battlefield. Some levels are almost impassable without donation. Progress can suddenly disappear, erasing a hero that you have been pumping for a long time.

If you're willing to inconvenience and keep from microtransactions, Contra Returns will remind you how fun gaming was in the nineties.

Everdale. He's the new game of mobile gaming giants

Everdale was developed by Supercell, which has such hits asClash of Clans ,Clash Royale andBrawl Stars . Each project of the developers attracted so much attention that this time the creators organized a "fake" studio. Previously, this was expected only from Kojima (Hideo Kojima). The thing is that the company needed feedback, and the new product did not yet reach the high level of quality.

If you expect dynamic battles from Everdale, you will be disappointed. Supercell has created a much nicer game this time around, in which success can only be achieved through friendship and cooperation. Gamers will have to peacefully build a village and expand their property. All this without battles, strengthening of defense and losses.

However, players will not be left without familiar mechanics: each improvement requires resources, and construction takes a lot of time. If this does not bother you, feel free to download the new product. 

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown. Mech battles

V Mech Arena: Robot Showdown gamers will climb into hefty mechs and go to the arena. There they will shoot in all directions, destroy enemies and use abilities.

Most of all, Mech Arena: Robot Showdown resembles Overwatch . The main goal on the battlefield is to capture and hold points. Each fur has skills that need to be applied at the right time. If you forget about team actions, you will not see victory. What is really there, even the interface resembles the brainchild of Blizzard.

If you love robots and were looking for a session project in which you can hack wall to wall, pay attention to Mech Arena: Robot Showdown.

Bombagun. Card game from Fallout about the USSR

Will be released in September ATOM RPG Trudograd , one of the most anticipated Russian games. The project has been in Early Access for a long time and is available for full playthrough. One of the features of Trudograd is card entertainmentBombagun , which gamers liked so much that it grew into an independent game.

In Bombagun, you don't have to collect decks, open loot boxes and win resource boxes. All cards are played from a single deck, and only ingenuity and tactics will help you gain the upper hand.

You can evaluate the card game yourself only on Android.

Marvel Future Revolution. Better than Square Enix's Avengers?

Fortunately failure Marvel's Avengers has n't forced the company to abandon the superhero franchise. In 2022 will be released Midnight Suns from Firaxis, and you can already play action on smartphonesMarvel Future Revolution .

In the new brainchild of Marvel, gamers will take control of their favorite heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and other characters. Together they plan to fight back the powerful monsters that are wreaking havoc on Earth. In this case, the fighters need not only to fight, but also to pump their skills.

The project boasts excellent graphics, a solid plot and a variety of costumes. It is not for nothing that Future Revolution is called one of the best mobile phones in the reviews for many years.

UFC Mobile 2. Khabib vs. McGregor on your phone

The UFC is one of the most popular EA franchises. Not surprisingly, the company is developing it on smartphones as well. WITHIn UFC Mobile 2, you can even pick your favorite fighter on the road and pounce on the arrogant Conor McGregor.

Compared to the first part, UFC Mobile 2 has improved graphics, animations, and fighter models. Separately, the developers should be praised for the pumped bots, which from now on behave much smarter and are able to challenge even a seasoned fighter.

If you prefer battles with live players, you can go to multiplayer or sign up for numerous tournaments. There is always something to do in UFC Mobile 2. So far, the game has only been released on Android.

Shadow of Death 2. Stylish ninja action game

Shadow of Death 2 is one of those games that are not ashamed to run even on PC. In it you will turn into a skillful ninja who fights deadly demons. The blade will tear apart hordes of creatures and fill the arena with blood - you cannot relax, because any enemy will easily deal with a gaping hero.

If you suddenly feel like a great warrior, the developers will introduce you to huge bosses, including giant jellyfish, majestic dragons and mighty frogs. How many mobile phones are capable of offering something like this?

In addition to an extensive bestiary and dynamic gameplay, Shadow of Death 2 will delight gamers with a stylish picture. In total, the developers have drawn six different maps, and each of them is beautiful. At the same time, you will explore them with a pleasant soundtrack.

If Shadow of Death 2 is not enough for you, pay attention to the first part. It also became a hit with ten million downloads.

Punishing: Gray Raven. Story-driven action-RPG

History Punishing: Gray Raven tells about the reality in which humanity fell before the onslaught of machines. People are living out their last days, the world is withering and only an elite squad of cyborgs can make a difference. The fighters will have to explore mesmerizing locations, fight various robots and destroy feisty bosses.

The visuals of Punishing: Gray Raven are impressive: the game is drawn in a pleasant anime style - it looks great for a mobile phone. If you like oriental action-RPGs likeNier Automata , pay attention to the game.

By the way, 2B has already gone to light in the Chinese version of Gray Raven - it will soon appear in other regions. Download the game so as not to miss the appearance of a charming android.

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital. Good Mobile Horror

Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital is a first-person horror game. The main character James is an FBI agent who investigates crimes in a creepy hospital. One day he comes there to arrest the villain. Alas, James falls into a trap: now he will have to take part in an experiment, at which his own life is at stake.

The hero will face nightmarish monsters, some of which resemble the nurses from Silent Hill - each creature intends to tear James to pieces. To survive, he will have to be quiet, hide in closets and out of sight. However, the hero will also have a knife, pistol, machine guns and other weapons - a rich arsenal will save the poor fellow's life more than once.

You will have to think not only about survival, but also about the investigation. A lot of documents and evidence are scattered around the hospital, which should shed light on what is happening.

Among other advantages of Endless Nightmare: Weird Hospital, it is worth noting good graphics, puzzles, a pumping system and decent sound. While horror can only be appreciated by owners of phones based on Android.


As you can see, a lot of great mobile games were released in the summer for every taste. Only in our collection there was a place for action games, fights, horror and much more. If we forgot to tell you about other notable releases of the summer, tell us about them in the comments!

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