TOP 10 side quests that surpassed the main plot: assassins in Skyrim, dead peasants in The Witcher 3 and politicians from Cyberpunk 2077


TOP 10 side quests that surpassed the main plot: assassins in Skyrim, dead peasants in The Witcher 3 and politicians from Cyberpunk 2077

Epic battles, incredible boss fights, deciding the fate of the world - this is what gamers face in the main plot of many games. Side quests, on the other hand, tend to tell more mundane stories. However, some of them sink so deeply into the soul that they surpass the main story in terms of the intensity of passions. It is these tasks that we have collected in this collection. If you prefer to watch, not read, feel free to include a video: there will be jokes and memes.

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PS The collection is full of spoilers for secondary quests. Read at your own risk.

Circus in Red Dead Redemption 2

The world of the Wild West is rich in extraordinary encounters. For example, one day Arthur meets a strange person named Margaret. A man in a woman's outfit will tell the story of his circus, from which all the artists fled. Morgan will volunteer to help, not even suspecting that he was in one of the brightest quests Red Dead Redemption 2.

Circus in Red Dead Redemption 2

First you need to find the animals. It turns out that the escaped "zebra" is a decorated mule, and the "tiger" is a common puma for those places. The turn comes to return the lion to the circus bosom - and now he turns out to be a real "king of beasts" who is not averse to feasting on your flesh.

Later you have to return to the troupe not burdened with intelligence giant and dwarf magician. Together they should be the decoration of the freak show.

There are many bright quests in Red Dead Redemption 2: participation in the Dragik experiment, helping escaped prisoners Black and White, meeting the unfortunate widow - however, it was the task with the circus that many gamers loved the most.

The Witcher Assassin from The Witcher 3

One day Geralt accepts an order to hunt a monster from Dobrov. Having reached the place, he sees that a real massacre has happened in the village - all the inhabitants are dead. It looks like the monster got to them first.

The Witcher Assassin from The Witcher 3

Out of the corner of his eye, the witcher notices the surviving girl, but she shies away and runs away. Soon, the "White Wolf" learns that the child was frightened by the witcher's cat eyes: the killer had the same.

Traces lead Geralt to a wounded colleague from the Cat School. It turns out that he killed the monster, on whose head the hero appeared, but instead of gratitude and generous payment he received a pitchfork in the side - so the peasants wanted to save money. In revenge, the wounded hunter staged a bloody massacre.

The killer can be understood and forgiven or taken away from life. If you decide that the villain deserves to die, he will ask permission to drink a life-giving potion before the fight. As soon as Geralt hesitates, the villain will blind him with a bomb and attack. "White wolf" will have to try to survive.

"The Witcher 3" is full of incomparable quests, but "Games of cats and wolves" greatly impressed many gamers with its special gloom and cruelty.

Forests from Cyberpunk 2077

On one of the assignments, V meets the Perales family. Recently, the former mayor of Night City was killed, and the investigation is full of inconsistencies - the customers are asking to investigate this case. If the hero gets to the bottom of the truth, he will receive another quest from the influential family.

Forests from Cyberpunk 2077

Jefferson Perales is a politician with excellent chances to take high office. Recently, he noticed a stranger at home and even fired a pistol at him. By morning, there were no traces of the incident left in the house, there is nothing unusual on the cameras, and the guards insist that no one entered the apartment. Only the duet of Vee and Silverhand can solve this puzzle.

An attentive gamer will quickly find out that the apartment is full of rooms, from which the family was monitored around the clock. Moreover, the suspects influenced the couple's consciousness by rewriting their memories. The villains erased the past of politicians, instilled lies in them and pushed them to the necessary decisions - while the spouse was aware of, but was afraid to do anything at all.

The fact is that behind the operation is someone so powerful that he can hack and kill anyone. If the villain wanted to, Vee and Jefferson would have been dead long ago. What to do: convince the politician to give the villains a fight, or let him act thoughtfully and look for a chance to strike? Maybe Jefferson shouldn't know anything at all? You will have to think about the choice.

IN Cyberpunk 2077 is full of problems , but the game can be forgiven a lot for such quests.

Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

Once before Dovahkiin from Skyrim will hear rumors that a certain boy has performed the Dark Sacrament. So he calls on the assassins to kill someone. When the hero finds the child, it turns out that he lives in an orphanage, where Grelod the Good is in charge. In fact, this woman has never done anything good - on the contrary, she prefers cruelty and bullying. If you kill Grelod in front of the orphans, they will rejoice and thank the hero. This is where the story just begins.

Soon a courier will deliver a note to Dovahkiin with the words "we know" and a handprint. At night, the hero decides to take a nap, but wakes up not in a warm bed, but in an abandoned barn. There he will meet Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood. The lady will say that it is dishonest to take orders from the assassins, and the debt will have to be repaid right now. Before you are three poor fellows in suicide hoods: one of them needs to be finished off - then Astrid will invite you into the family and open an impressive quest chain.

However, you can not be led to the demands of Astrid, and finish her off. This will open the "Goodbye, Dark Brotherhood" quest, in the end of which you will have to find the lair of the assassins and cut out everyone who is there.

Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim

The quest chain with the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim seemed to many to be much more interesting than the confrontation with Alduin.

Cultists in GTA 5

Not every incredible story in GTA 5 begins with a meeting with another madman. Sometimes trouble can be found simply by surfing the net. One day Michael comes to a strange site with a test "Assess your essence." After answering 10 questions, he receives an invitation to a meeting: a red pickup truck will be waiting for him there. It is worth approaching him, as people in unusual outfits will attack the hero.

Cultists in GTA 5

It is soon revealed that the attack was part of the spiritual agenda of the Epsilon sect. Later, Michael will be required to make donations, steal cars and do other crazy things. All in order to finally stop being the Antithesis and become the Thesis.

The hero can go on about the sectarians for a long time, but in the final few will resist the temptation to freak out and kill all the villains.

Many loved the bold quest that pokes fun at sects, spiritual gurus and their followers. Someone even thinks that this story is more powerful and funnier than the main plot.

Kidnapping in Fallout: New Vegas

Wandering through the Wastes Fallout: New Vegas , the hero can stumble upon the town of Novak, over which a dinosaur statue rises. The place looks pleasant, but then you learn that the local Boone climbs into the statue's jaws every night and scans the area through the scope of a sniper rifle. The fact is that Boone's wife was kidnapped and given into slavery, and one of the neighbors is to blame for this.

Kidnapping in Fallout: New Vegas

The character trusts the hero of the quest to find the scoundrel. You need to find the criminal and bring him to the statue - Boone will do the rest. You can quickly chat with the residents, choose a victim at random and doom her to death. However, a responsible gamer will thoroughly study the area and find a strange sales contract. Under its terms, the rights to a woman are transferred to the slave owners. The worst thing is that Boone's wife was pregnant.

The villain will be the sweet and caring hostess of the motel, who previously said that the woman just ran away from her hubby. She earned 1,500 caps for her crime.

From the quest "Abduction" blood runs cold in your veins. No wonder this task is considered one of the best in the entire Fallout series.

Quest Louse from Divinity: Original Sin 2

Larian know how to do cool quests for partners - everyone who passed Divinity: Original Sin 2 would agree with that. It is interesting to fight shoulder to shoulder with the lizard prince, learn about the family of a mysterious skeleton or delve into the past of a skilled warrior. However, the best quest went to Lowe.

Quest Louse from Divinity: Original Sin 2

A kind and beautiful sorceress seems to be an ideal partner who will help the hero stop evil. Only one day Louse will behave like a madman : she will suddenly grab a harmless NPC and try to strangle him. Serious conversation will expose the girl's problem: she is possessed by a demon.

If you decide to help the lady, you will have to find out the name of the villain, find him and go through an ordeal. To weaken the demon, the heroes must travel to another dimension and extinguish the candles. The problem is that each candle represents someone's soul: when the flame goes out, the soul will sink into oblivion.

First, you find one candle. What is more important: Louse's freedom or the soul of a stranger? After you are brought to two more candles. And then you stand in front of a cliff, from which a view of millions of lights opens. Still wanting to save your companion? Then blow them all out. This episode has become one of the most emotional moments in games for many .

If you cope with the trials and destroy the demon, Louse will remind you that she is not only a skillful sorceress, but also a talented artist. In gratitude, she will sing a song that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Arcanum Investigation: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

Once Upon a Hero Arcanum will be asked to steal the cargo from the port warehouse. The order, it would seem, is trifling - it will only soon become clear that everyone who tried to help the customer is dying. Is it possible that a sad fate awaits you too?

The solution will be dreadful. There is a company that provides services for hiring half-ogre guards. There are few creatures left, so the villains kidnap women and cross them with ogres - during childbirth, the ladies die. The customer intends to put an end to the conspiracy, but he needs proof.

The hero goes to the island, where experiments are being carried out, finds burials of female bodies there and collects evidence. Alas, returning to the island, he finds the corpse of the customer.

To make the case public, you can go to the journalists. They love the story so much that they promise to tell about it in the morning. However, reaching the editorial office after dawn, you find only a blood-stained room. The new editor says that he has not heard anything about half-ogres and they have no evidence. It seems that this time those guilty of crimes will remain unpunished.

A simple assignment turned into an investigation for several hours, the ending of which left gamers in a state of complete mental devastation.

Moridor's Box in Planescape: Torment

Planescape: Torment is rightly considered one of the best RPGs in history - there are plenty of memorable quests.

Moridor's Box in Planescape: Torment

In one of the lanes, Bezymyanny meets a man who offers to earn extra money. All you need to do is take the box and take it to the warehouse - the order seems dust-free. However, as soon as the cargo is taken to the warehouse, the owner will panic, send you to someone else and run away. So you will rush from person to person until you find out that the box is cursed, and you were tricked into it.

In the end, the hero will manage to remove the curse, and gamers will learn that even simple quests in Planescape: Torment can turn into a great adventure.

Court of Manaan in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Once Upon a Story Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will lead the hero to the planet Manaan, where you will have to not only brandish a lightsaber, but also defend your own and others' rights in court. First you need to convince everyone of the innocence of the nice guy, and then you yourself will appear before the rulers of destinies.

Court of Manaan in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The hero will first be tried for invading the Sith base. Then for the fact that he blew up an underwater station or killed an unusual shark. Each meeting can be turned into a farce by making shocking statements and openly mocking the process. Manipulate, threaten, talk nonsense - even this strategy can work. However, if something does not go according to plan, you will simply be thrown out of Manaan and will never be allowed in again.


We've only included a small fraction of the impressive side quests in this selection. If you remember assignments that went beyond the main plot in many ways, tell us about them in the comments.

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