TOP 15 games with the best storyline that you should definitely play on PC

 One can argue for a long time about what gives the main pleasure in computer games. Some will say that there is a variety of gameplay features and verified mechanics, others need cool graphics, and someone will need a challenge and the opportunity to prove their coolness online. But there is a basic element that can beautify any project - it's a good story.

We have prepared a list of the best games with an interesting storyline on PC. These are outstanding novelties and cult classics that every self-respecting gamer should go through.

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# 15 - Disco Elysium

# 15 - Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a nod to old-school role-playing projects that had much more dialogue than gameplay. And this is an indisputable plus of this game. Firstly, the DE script is written simply gorgeous: it sends the player straight to the head of the main character - an alcoholic cop riding a rooftop, and it is quite common to find a reptilian part of the brain arguing with common sense here. Add to this a detective plot, the non-linearity of almost every dialogue, the choice in which directly affects the outcome of quests, a well-developed world full of references and allusions to modern pop culture, and you get one of the main role-playing games of the past year. Disco Elysium is already available, and the localization is great - be sure to check it out!   

# 14 - Fahrenheit

# 14 - Fahrenheit

Fahrenheit is one of the most underrated story-driven games in our top. 15 years after the release of her schedule, it will definitely not surprise anyone, but the original presentation of the story is easy. The plot of Fahrenheit is divided into two timelines: in the first, in the role of the suspect in the murder of Lucas Kane, you will have to hide from the police, in the second - to follow the killer's heels in the role of detective Karla Valenti. Perhaps the main advantage of Fahrenheit is its emphasized cinematography: all scenes, including dialogues and staging, here still give odds to good Hollywood cinema. This game can be a real find for connoisseurs of detective stories with a good deal of mysticism, but owners of weak PCs simply need to pass it.

# 13 - SOMA


The developers of the cult Amnesia definitely know a lot about intellectual horror. SOMA is one of the most memorable projects of the Frictional Games studio, competently combines elements of horror with solid science fiction, which is, in principle, a rarity for computer games. Instead of hateful space, SOMA sends the player to an underwater research station in the distant future, where humanity seems to have suffered a completely unenviable fate. To understand what is happening and understand how and why you ended up at the station, you will have to explore every nook and cranny of it. And it's not so easy when you are chased by scary robots with crazy AI. There is no way to beat them back, so get ready to stealth and adapt.    

# 12 - Undertale


The best story games on PC are rarely created by large studios, as Undertale proves - millions of budgets are not needed for a well-told story. This game, created by the efforts of one man, tells the story of a child who accidentally found himself in a dungeon where monsters were once imprisoned, who lost a great battle with people. Gameplay is not limited in any way, monsters can be killed or befriend them, but every action will surely backfire on the development of the plot in the future. What is happening in Undertale evokes a whole gamut of contradictory feelings: here there was a place for humor, and sadness, and time to think about the eternal. A very soulful project with pixel graphics, we strongly recommend it.

# 11 - The Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead universe can be considered a kind of deconstruction of zombie films. Because human relationships come to the fore in it in a hopeless post-apocalypse. The Telltale studio game is also about people. This is an interactive novel, so the ability to quickly shoot the dead will not come in handy here, instead, get ready to deal with characters capable of rash acts; to a difficult moral choice, sometimes with terrible and irreversible consequences, and a famously twisted plot. Despite the unhurried pace of the game, the plot rushes ahead abruptly of the high-speed train, so you come to your senses already on the credits with the idea of ​​quickly moving on to the next part. A total of 5 episodes were released , each of which is divided into 7-8 chapters.

#10 - Max Payne

Max Payne

Legendary Max Payne continues the top action-packed PC games. It is difficult to choose a specific part, so we recommend that you go through the entire episode in its entirety. Many people fell in love with her for the sparkling firefights in the style of "The Matrix" with abundant use of slow motion, but the story, revolving around the personal tragedy of the protagonist and his thirst for revenge, is no less fascinating here. This is a dark detective noir with a rainy night city full of bastards, drug addicts, corrupt cops and hopelessness. The unusual presentation of the plot in the first part - where the cut-scenes are replaced by gorgeous comic book inserts, still looks fresh. And even the third part of "Max" has its own charm, although according to the fans, it is somewhat inferior to its masterpiece predecessors.

# 9 - Mass Effect

Mass Effect

With cool RPGs, game developers rarely please us, and even less often with full-fledged space operas. All the more valuable is the MassEffect series, which has absorbed the best of party RPGs and classic science fiction. There is exploration of distant planets, military conflicts with aliens, all kinds of races and a bunch of charismatic characters who need to be united to go on a hopeless mission together. Of course, everything revolves around the plot of saving the universe, but only the player can decide what his Shepard will be like and how the actions of the commander will affect the party members. Even if you've played Mass Effect before, there is a great reason to replay - BioWare has released a good remaster of the trilogy with updated graphics. 

# 8 - Life is Strange

Life is Strange

For those unfamiliar with the Life is Strange phenomenon, this project may seem like fun for girls. But, as you probably guessed, it's not for nothing that it made it to our list of games with an interesting storyline on PC. The main characters of LiS are really teenage girls, but all the school and teenage in the game is nothing more than a pretty environment, against which a serious story of human relationships unfolds. Moreover, the main character, Maxine Caulfield, has a mysterious ability to turn back time, which is directly reflected in the gameplay and plot twists. Life is Strange is a multifaceted game with a very touching atmosphere, strong drama and a chic sound that will remain in your heart for a long time.  

# 7 - The Witcher

The Witcher

Geralt - a witcher and killer of monsters with two swords behind his back - has long become an important and recognizable character in modern culture. And it's hard to say who contributed more to this: the author of the original source Andrzej Sapkowski or the games of the CD Project Red studio. Stunning work by artists and composers, elaborate characters, political intrigue, deep and complex stories even in small side quests, where everything is turned upside down in an instant. In every frame, an incomprehensible and wide Slavic soul shines through here, so all parts of The Witcher are really games that cannot be torn away from.

# 6 - Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines cannot be ignored when discussing games with a gripping storyline. This RPG tells the story of Los Angeles in the early 2000s, where vampires live side by side with people, who are streams of the biblical fratricide Cain. They belong to different clans, unite in alliances and oppose each other, but they strictly honor one rule - the need to observe the "masquerade", hiding their essence from people. You have to try on the skin of a newly converted vampire, who develops and takes the first steps in the otherworldly metropolis. VtMB is beautiful for its non-linearity - you can go through it in a variety of ways, reaching one of the five endings. In 2021, this is no longer done, so we strongly recommend that you join the classics.

# 5 - Half-Life 1 & 2

Half-Life 1 & 2

Once upon a time, the developers seriously believed that shooters did not need a plot in principle: here are the levels, here are the enemies, here are a bunch of guns - run and shoot. But the first Half-Life changed everything. This single-player shooter about the adventures of a silent scientist with a mount turned the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe genre and showed that a well-developed fantasy story can conquer millions of players. The second part also became a breakthrough, but not so much the plot as the advanced physics of interaction with the environment at that time. Even years after the release, Half-Life is played gorgeous (thanks to the Black Mesa remake), only one frustrates - the uncertainty in anticipation of the third part of the series.

# 4 - Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line

From Spec Ops: The Line, you also expect a typical action movie in the spirit of some Call of Duty. However, starting to play, you quickly realize that you have something in front of you, much more like the game version of the movie "Apocalypse Now". A detachment of harsh fighters will have to destroy the rebellious colonel in the middle of post-apocalyptic Dubai, where mirrored skyscrapers are already covered with sand. The heroes here - albeit experienced warriors, but far from iron, and this fact will have to be reckoned with more than once in the course of the game. As with the moral dilemmas that confront the player with the horrors of war and make difficult decisions. The authors of Spec Ops: The Line reveal controversial topics, so it can be a real revelation for players accustomed to vanilla entertaining shooters.

# 3 - Planescape: Torment

Planescape: Torment

Planescape: Torment is the main contender for the best storyline in games in general. If only because its main character does not seek to survive, on the contrary - he is looking for his death. And what are the characters here! Immortal with a thousand scars, most of which are on the inside, not outside. A flying human skull making dirty jokes. Chaste succubus. Planescape deliberately distorts the usual fantasy clichés, creating something completely new. In the world of the game, it is quite normal to dig in your own guts to find a lost object, feed your finger as an alms to a beggar, convince a vagrant that he does not exist, and then watch him really disappear from reality. Well, or arrange a philosophical dialogue with a powerful witch about the essence of human nature. You can talk for a long time, but you have to play it. 

# 2 - Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

People who doubt that Hideo Kojima is a genius clearly haven't played the Metal Gear Solid series. Cult stealth action games surprise with high-quality staging, attention to detail and unusual game design findings. The MGS script masterfully raises deep questions and literally tears down the fourth wall, constantly addressing the player who controls the main character. The very image of Solid Snake has forever become one of the most memorable characters in the history of video games - that's what Japanese originality and a bit of inspiration from high-quality Hollywood cinema means. And, of course, there are robots here, where without robots. MGS could easily top the ranking of the best story games if it weren't for the next masterpiece on the list.

# 1 - BioShock


BioShock is an outstanding example of interactive art, where the ideas of one man, Mark Levine (the man named the best storyteller of the decade by Game Informer), are beautifully complemented by the outstanding work of artists, sound engineers and the entire development team. There are no such stories anywhere in BioShock. An alternative sixties, either steampunk or biopunk, underwater and air cities, substances that give people superhuman capabilities. It is played like a shooter, but every now and then it tries to dig somewhere deeper - to show what an attempt to build an ideal society can degenerate into, and gives food for the mind with a non-standard look at eternal topics... In general, the series has everything for which interesting games with a good storyline on the PC are so fond of. But you need to start going through BioShock strictly from the first part, otherwise you will lose a lot. 

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