Trick to get unlimited miles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Trick to get unlimited miles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The miles are one of the great innovations that include Animal Crossing: New Horizons . Soon you will discover that they will become an indispensable element for several of the options that the game allows. There are several challenges that you must meet to get a large number of miles with everything you do on the island. However, if you are a little lazy for this practice, do not rush. Thanks to our guides, tips and tricks of this new installment of Nintendo Switch we can offer you a method with which you will get the miles you need in a very short time.

How to get easy and fast miles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you want to get miles very easily and quickly, you will have to go to the neighborhood management office, specifically the Nook terminal . The first time you log in, you will be rewarded with a number of Nook miles, up to a maximum of 300 per day after one week of use. What you will have to do is take advantage of this by changing the date on the console , so the game will advance one day and you will be rewarded with those 300 miles each time you start. One tip is to hit the - button before doing so, so you will save the game before changing the time. You will also have to restart the game after changing the date for the process to complete.

In this way you will get thousands of miles in a few minutes , which will help you meet many objectives on the island. Don't worry if you want to go back to the usual date later, because all the progress you make by advancing time will be maintained , so you will not lose anything in that regard.

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If you have more questions about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, don't worry. We are preparing very specific guides for everything you need to clarify about the new installment of Nintendo Switch, so be sure to visit the macro post that we leave you under these lines in which you can learn some interesting secrets on how to get berries and miles of a very fast way, how to attract neighbors to your island and other tips and tricks that will be especially useful during the development of the adventure.

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