Walkthrough Eastward - game guide


Walkthrough Eastward - game guide

At the moment, Pixel Eastward has been translated into several foreign languages, including English and Chinese, but, unfortunately, it does not have Russian localization. Therefore, the names of some items, quests, tasks and locations I will duplicate in brackets in English. At the same time, the Russian translation is mine, the author's, and if someday localization appears, some points may differ slightly.

AFK Arena Hidden Isle Walkthrough
AFK Arena Hidden Isle Walkthrough

Buy treasure hunter

After starting the game, leave the house. Before you do anything, you should buy a treasure hunter at Johnny's Emporium. This place is located in the most northeastern (upper right) corner of the current location. The treasure seeker will be equipped forever. And every time you approach the treasure chest, it will make a certain sound. In the far southwest (lower left) corner of the area, there is a chest that contains 50 Salt - this is the main currency in the game. Climb the stairs and head west.

The path to the mine

In the next area, you will stop at a bar. You cannot enter here. At the top of this area, you'll see Hello Grocery and the Earth Born arcade game machine. The grocery store is closed and a memory card is required to unlock the slot machine .

Follow south down the hill and turn right to find a treasure chest that contains 50 more salt . Now head east (left) to reach the prospectors' dorms. Enter Dorm # 3 to find a chest that contains 50 Salts . Exit here and head west (right) to enter the mines. In the next area, head north to trigger a cutscene.

A Slug Problem

After a short cutscene, Chuck will appear and report problems with the slug. You can now save using the fridge in the room. Then follow south (down) to the exit Chuck came through. Now is the time for the first battle. Drag the box to the right to get to the slugs.

On the Switch, you need to press the Y button to attack the slugs with the frying pan. To defeat them, you will have to turn off the generator blocking the power line. Once you defeat the slugs, plug in the power line at the bottom of the area and turn on the generator again to open the nearest door. Open the chest located inside and get the key .

Disconnect the power where the slugs were and connect to another line. This will open the door in the upper left corner of the room, but if you try to go through it, Chuck will stop and say that you need to bomb the nests. Enter the room where Chuck is standing (in the northeast corner) and use the key on the door. Opening it, you will find bombs . You can now place them by clicking X on the Switch.

Place the bombs next to the crates blocking the path to the pantry on the left. Enter and place a bomb next to the nest to destroy it. You can now exit the room through the door that you opened earlier, at the far west end. Bomb the boxes and go outside.

In the next room, blow up the crates on the left path. Watch out for the electric slug that will fall from the ceiling. Then head north and blow up the slug nest to destroy it. If you are low on bombs, you can find more in the yellow barrels to the right when entering this area.

In the easternmost part of the corridor there is a wall, blowing up which you will find a chest with a part of the mechanism . Head north down the hallway to reach a new nest of slugs. Blow it up and head left through the door.

Here you will meet Dr. Boguta, who will give you a hot dog that restores health. Leave the area the same way you came here. Watch the video, which will open the door on the right. You have to fight a handful of slugs. After the door closes behind you, go down the stairs.

Make your way through the rows of slugs and destroy all three nests. There are many barrels for replenishing ammo (bombs). When you explode the last socket, increase your maximum health by 1 heart. Leave the mines and after the cutscene you will get 2 Sandrupe - an ingredient for cooking something. Return to Potkrok Island to see a cutscene near Hello Grocery.

First interaction with Earth Born

After the cutscene, you must help Sam find friends. Head to the Hello Grocery store and spend 25 Salts on your memory stick . Exit the store to check out the Earth Born arcade machine. Get trained. Don't worry, you can't win in it. As a result, you will receive the first Pixball - an item that is used when playing Earth Born. You can buy even more from the machine to the left of the slot using the tokens found in some of the chests.

Upgrading Frying Pan on Ranch Sunny Side

You can now find Mason at Sunny Side Ranch. Return to the first area of ​​the island and take the exit at the very top. You will be taken to the School. Head east to continue towards the ranch. Once at the ranch, talk to Mason, over whose head there will be a marker. It will upgrade John's Frying Pan so you can now perform Charged Attack. Hold y and aim where you want to attack. Return to John's house, go to the stove and prepare dinner for Sam. Select the three collected Sandrupe ingredients. Make a paste. After dinner, the prologue will be completed.

To be continued...

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