Walkthrough Life is Strange: True Colors - game guide

Walkthrough Life is Strange: True Colors - game guide

 Complete walkthrough of Life is Strange: True Colors showing the location of all collectibles

In the new game in the Life is Strange universe, the gamer will get the role of Alex Chen. The heroine hides from everyone her gift, which allows her to read various strong emotions of other people and change them.

Chapter 1. Side A

After an introductory conversation with Dr. Lynn, the main character will go to her brother Gabe in Colorado. Having reached the city, we follow to the bridge in a straight line to meet with a relative.

We enjoy the moment of pacification and skip it with the help of the corresponding key.

Meeting with brother

We make the first choice: hug the brother at the first meeting or shake his hand. Gabe will take you on a short tour of the city. We meet Riley's girlfriend and decide to be honest or cheat.

Most of the choices will not significantly affect the passage of the game (at the end of each chapter, the player will see personal statistics), therefore, in ordinary conversations, we will stop at the options we like. Gabe at the flower shop chooses a present for his girlfriend as an apology. We advise you to suggest the option of sunflowers, as Charlotte loves them, but you can also take lilies of the valley. We examine the premises and go out into the street.

We reach the institution "Silver Dragon" and talk with my brother. After he leaves, we get to know Ethan. We examine the comic and ask the boy to be careful.

Alex will go to the music store, where he will meet with Steph. The girl will offer to put one of the records on the radio. We choose any and meet Ryan. We tell the man that Alex likes it here and inform him that his hobby is very unusual. These options will help you maintain a friendly conversation.

Search for order list

Ryan will ask Alex to help him find the order list he desperately needs. We examine the cat and try to move it, but nothing happens. We talk with the man and agree to help. We examine the box with trash and lure the cat with the help of the found toy.

We tell about the coolness of our brother and after a short attack Alex informs that everything is fine. After Gabe's arrival, we observe a short conversation of friends, and then we go out into the street.

We talk to Ethan again and decide whether to tell Gabe about the child's secret or not. We keep our promise and do not inform our brother about the mines, however, this choice will not affect the further plot in any way.

On the way to the bar, we meet Jed and, having reached the apartment, admire the premises.

We turn on the music and enjoy Gabe's dance. We choose the option "Burn" and "Watch and Learn".

First skirmish

We watch a lengthy cut-scene and after the arrival of Mac we deflect the controller in his direction. After the brother leaves, we inspect the room and study the record on the table . We use the ability and read emotions from the subject.

There is a drawer with clothes by the bed, so if you wish, we can immediately change the appearance.

In the drawer, we examine the folder and, one by one, take out of the bag Shu-shu, a comic strip, letters, a photo and a diary of the heroine.

We find a guitar under the bed and watch Alex sing. We use the ability on the crack in the wall near the bedside table.

Bar work

We go down to the bar and meet Charlotte. We choose the type of star according to the mood and say that the girl has a wonderful child. After her departure, we talk with Jed and confirm the words of our brother. We use the ability to examine the business card at the back of the bar and help the owner of the establishment with work.

First of all, we go to clean the bottles in a room separate from the common room and talk to Mac, who will ask Riley not to tell the truth. After the arrival of the girl, we make another important choice. If you tell her the truth, then she immediately scatters with Mac, otherwise their relationship will continue.

We approach Diana and Daki and take their order. Telling Jed the right dishes (mushroom cheeseburger and signature fries pie). The owner of the bar will ask you to bring a bottle of whiskey, so we return to the apartment and examine the green sofa. We drink with Ducky and Diana, and then we go to Steph's.

We consistently ask all questions and agree with the girl's proposal to further participate in the role-playing game. We join the alcoholic battle and ask Steph five questions. We ask about the length of the song title, the presence of animals and people on the cover, as well as the number of words in the band name. We proceed from all the proposed song options and choose "The F * ckadelics - Kiss Up and Shut Me" (green cover with a labyrinth).

We drink together with the policeman and find out some information about Gabe. We inform Jed about the completion of all cases. We communicate with our brother on the roof and have a can of beer together.

We choose any answer options and decide to tell the truth about the past or about our ability. After a short discussion about Alex's features, we inform Gabe that the guitar is awesome. The conversation will be interrupted by Ryan, who will lose Ethan. After that, the heroes will immediately go to the mines in search of the boy.

Finding Ethan

Arriving at the place, we go towards the lattice and near the trolleys on the left we study the ability with a helmet . We examine the grate and talk with the men. Compare with a comic book rubber zombie and open gates, and then we climb inside the structure.

We use the ability on the phone and study the staircase covered with a sheet of iron. Compare it to the comic.

We climb the stairs to the very top, turn right and study the conveyor belt. We use the chain hoist and return to the men on the first floor.

We get out into the street through the opened gates.

The heroes will go up to the watchman's tower, where Alex will understand exactly where to move next.

We are watching a cut-scene in which the main character decides to follow Ethan across the abyss on her own.

We tell the boy that nothing bad will happen to them, and we move towards him along the fallen tree. We use force on the boy and examine the comics, backpack and footprints on the rock.

We tell Ethan that the monster will not see them and we get out back. To do this, we are constantly moving forward and reassuring the boy with any phrases. Watching the final video of the episode.

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