Walkthrough Tales of Arise - game guide

Walkthrough Tales of Arise - game guide

 Detailed walkthrough of all Tales of Arise story and side quests

Tales of Arise is a role-playing slasher game, the protagonist of which teams up with allies to confront the five lords who have taken over the planet Danian.

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Slave life

After the introductory video, you will find yourself in one of the five regions of Dana, which is captured by the Renians. Follow the marker and talk to the doctor. Run along the marker to your hut and agree to rest. Get to the freight train in the morning and watch the video.

Mysterious stranger

Go to the indicated location to find Zephyr and the girl. After the cutscene, you will receive your first weapon - a blunt sword.

Escape from the mines

After that, click on ESC, go to the last section and pick up all the items from the DLC, if any. Then move along the marker and fight the first enemies - swordsmen in armor and a wolf. Use LMB to attack, Shift to dodge, and R, E, F for different moves (specific moves are indicated in the lower right corner of the screen). When you see a glowing indicator in the lower right corner, it means that you have a cut-scene with the communication of Iron Mask and Shion. You can press CTRL to view it. Get to Zephyr and watch the video. After that, you will befriend Shion, and Zephyr will join the team.

Combining with Marshmallow

Leave the location at the blue marker, keep moving and watch the cut-scene. Move through the Sandinus Gorge, kill the enemies and examine the fire pit. This will be your first camp. The heroes decide to overthrow the Renian lords, and the first in line is Bolzef.

Keep moving, collect various resources and items. Don't even think about attacking the praying mantis on the top of the mountain. Go through the gate on the railroad tracks to get to Ulzebek. Go upstairs and enter the marked house. Zephyr will leave the team.

Preparing for battle

Talk to Nate by the pool in the center, and then talk to Deeron. You will receive the first side quest "Finding Supplies". When you complete this side quest, talk to Nate again. Now climb the slope to the west and go to a new location (blue marker), to the runes. Defeat the wolves using the enhanced abilities of the heroes (keys "1", "2" and so on). only after successfully completing the tutorial will you be able to kill enemies. Be sure to search the entire location. There is a staircase in the lower left part. Climb up, kill the enemies and interact with the Danian owl sitting on the tree. You will receive an accessory. If you collect all the owls, you will receive a special reward. There will be a bonfire in front of the entrance to the ruins. You can rest and recuperate. You will also learn about cooking.

Go to the Fagan ruins, turn off the red barrier with the terminal and follow on. You will find yourself in a warehouse building. There are three floors. Be sure to search all rooms. On the first floor, go to the far left corner and get to the stairs along the corridors. Climb the steps to the second floor and turn right. Follow the rubble to the third floor, where the elevator you need to the residential area is located. You can go further than it. In the back room with three battleships there is a red barrier control panel on the second floor. Disconnect and take from the room on the second floor "Wounded Sign". This will be your first accessory that can be installed in the corresponding inventory slot.

Follow the marker and watch the cut-scene. Return the same route back to Ulzebek. From now on, you will unlock the fast travel system. Open the map, click on the blue marker to see Ulsebek, and select the blue "blob". You can only move to such points. The task will end.

Search for supplies

Head back to the Sandinus Gorge where you came from. You can navigate the map, which opens with the M key. You need to run along the marker and talk to the wounded guy. Then return to Diron at Ulzebek. You will receive 800 coins and 200 SP. Then you can spend your first skill points.

Hard decision

Travel to Kird Garrison. Move through this location. Despite the hasty music, you can explore it leisurely. The quarters, which are guarded by soldiers, contain loot chests. Walk across the bridge and enter a new location. Defeat the armored swordsman, climb a little higher and kill another one. Quickly head back to Ulzebek and talk to Zephyr. Deeron will give you a new side quest. Complete the Crafting From Scratch quest and talk to Zephyr in Ulzebek.

Manufacturing from scratch

Open the map. See the crescent icon? This is a tavern. Go inside and chat with the blacksmith. Craft a bastard sword. You can equip it right away if you don't have a better weapon. The task will end immediately.

Overthrow of Bolzef

Move to the Kird Garrison and take the lift in front of the Moat of Fire. Follow to the new transition point, move to the left along the rails and jump down, where the guy shows. Open the door on the other side of the cliff to get to Glamined Castle. You will also unlock the new Flaming Sword sign to level up your skills.

Walk forward and kill the first enemy. Hold down the F key (or another), to which the "Swallow Blade" is attached. This is how you attack with the Empowered Attack of the Burning Sword. Finally, hit the enemy until he kneels, and then activate the enhanced attack of Shion or Iron Mask on the "2" or "1" key, respectively. Use the flaming sword to remove the fire barrier.

Kill the new enemies and examine the lift on the left. It is locked. Climb to the new location on the right. Clear the floor and go up even higher. Save the child to open a new sign and also get a fierce key. To the left of the steps leading to the fourth floor, there are three swordsmen and a wolf. Kill them and go to the back room to find the key to the lock elevator.

Go to the fourth floor, kill a huge monster using all the skills you've learned. You will receive an Astral Flower. These items increase RP and only drop from strong enemies. You can unblock the regular elevator along the way. The lift, which is guarded by two swordsmen, opens with the previously found fierce key and leads to the upper floor. There you go (but before that you can go a little further, remove the flame and search the precious chest).

Touch the healing light in front of the steps and head upstairs. This will restore the HP and RP of all characters. A battle with the first lord awaits you outside the door. When Bolzef's health is down to half, he will run upstairs. In general, the battle is simple: you need to dodge in a timely manner and use all the learned abilities. Of course, it will be more difficult at higher difficulties. Finish off Bolzef and watch the cutscene.

Freedom symbols

Leave the house and talk with different characters. NPCs with side quests will be marked with a closed envelope icon. After communicating with them and accepting the mission, the icons of the "open envelope" will remain on the map instead. There are currently four side quests to take:

  • Shion is a fashion critic . Chat with your guy and give advice. Next, do other things.
  • Fight hunger . Go to Eglia Wasteland and collect potatoes and wheat. Literally at the very beginning. Reward: 700 coins, 190 skill points, steamed potatoes recipe.
  • Hunt for a giant zogl . Return to Sandinus Gorge, walk forward along the rails and kill two battleships. Note the tree on the left. A Danian owl is sitting on it. Keep in mind that you will not be able to defeat the giant zogl very soon. We'll have to thoroughly pump over. When you have done this, return to the quest giver in Ulzebek.
  • Hunt for new hands . You need to get 3 stone shards. If they are not already there, go to the "Eglia Wasteland" location and kill the stone golems. Fragments from them do not always fall out. For example, strange kernels may fall. There is also a place to rest. Rest so that the enemies appear again. In total, there are two stone golems at the location. Repeat until you collect the required amount of stone fragments, and then return to Deeron. Reward: 700 coins, 170 skill points.

When you're ready, head to the gate to the Kird Garrison. Chat with Doctor Tilsa. Take the lift at Kird Garrison and head up to the Fiery Moat. Walk forward and right. Going down the steps, look into the building on the left to find a Danian owl. Go to the Firegate location. Previously, you turned left, but now go forward. The rock on the left has a piece of trellis, under which another Danian owl is hiding. Watch the video, during which you will meet a new ally.

Looking for a cure

Open the map and travel to Mosgul for the Kird Garrison. Chat with Doc. Return to Kird Garrison and speak with Shion immediately. From the rest point in the Garrison at the transition to Mosgul, go forward a little and turn left. After killing enemies, climb up the slope to find a large circular room. Take the medicine from the shelves and take it to Dok in Mosgul. Give the medications to Physician Tilsa, and fast travel will be unavailable.

Leaving Kalaglia

Zephyr will once again become a member of the team, and you will travel further through the lands of Danian. Move on to Lacedian Cliffs. Kill the first enemies and jump left off the edge of the cliff to find the cache. Keep driving. After the cutscene, you will find the camp. A Danian owl will sit on the ledge to the right. Go inside the cave to the Ulvan grotto. Kill the new Usovik enemies. Stone Gargoyles (Deceiving Statues) will also appear later. Keep driving until you find a way out. In the end, it will be necessary to defeat the Wild Ursine. You will soon find yourself outside (follow the "star").

Land of blinding radiance

You will enter Cislodia, the Silver Plateau. Make your way to the bonfire with the merchant. Search every corner to collect as many resources and currency as possible. From this moment, the merchant will be able to make an accessory for you or improve the existing one (it must be removed!). You will also receive a vegetable soup recipe. You can enter the hut in the mountains next to it, but there will only be a chicken. Continue moving, kill enemies and search all the nooks and crannies. Travel to the Danian settlement to find the renian. Fight Low and other soldiers. It turns out that this is the son of Zephyr. And then Rinwell's powers will be revealed.

Chasing Zephyr

Prompt. Every time Rinwell the owl appears, it means that there is a Danian owl somewhere nearby. One owl sits on the high ground to the right at the transition point from the North Plateau to Messia 224. There is another owl inside Messia-224, before the bridge. Look behind the cart with the cow (or bull) on the left, in a small wicker basket on the ground.

From now on, you will be friends with Rinwell, that is, she will become a permanent member of the squad. Marshmallow will leave the team, you will be given the recipe for "Vegetable Juice". Return to Messia-224. You will be able to take several side quests:

  • Fire under the ice . Return to the North Highlands and defeat 7 Frost Wolves. And then return to the quest giver. Reward: 800 coins, 170 skill points, 2 orange jellies.
  • Friendly relations . You will need to get 3 apples, 3 lettuce and give them to the client. I found all of these items in the North Plateau. Reward: 750 coins, 135 skill points, 2 life flasks.
  • Strong liquid . The seeds of the earth fall either from the mustache, or from the berserkers. Both those and others can be found in the Rudhir forest, where you will go further in the story. Reward: 700 coins, 135 skill points, Calakeitto recipe. Two seeds of earth can also be obtained for healing a girl in the forest of Rudhir (sitting on the edge of a destroyed bridge).

When you're ready, go across the bridge and talk to the chief in the village. Leave the village and travel to the Rudhir forest. Before going to bed by the fire, you can chat with Shion or Renville to get closer. Go to a new location. Kill enemies and move along twisted paths. Use the services of a merchant and a healing field. Next, you have to kill the wolf leader. At the end you will see a mysterious stranger who killed all the monsters alone. Go to a new location, Cislodia. This will be the second region out of five.

You will find yourself on the location "Snowy Plains of Nevira". The side quest "The Owl Forest" is activated here. Go down to the right to the Danian owl and interact with it. You will be taken to a completely new location! Walk forward and see the owl king and queen. You will receive the midnight garment. Interact with the same owl to get back.

Go forward and turn left to kill two berserkers and find a cave. This is the secret passage to Tsisloden. Before going into the cave, go down to the left of it. It will be a large valley with many enemies. In the middle of the lake there is an islet with a Danian owl. You can also melt a block of ice to find a chest with the "Sign of Endurance".

Go to the secret passage, get out and find yourself in the city. Go down the map to go to the "Square Street with a Fountain" location. Go to the door marked with a marker. Chat with Menek.

Marshmallow found

Exit Menek's house and head right along the steps to view a cutscene. Open the gate on the right behind the stairs and go forward a little. You will see a surveillance agent. Follow the marker to a new location to see the next cutscene with a tower of astral energy. Here you will come across Zephyr cheese. Return to Menek's house and chat with the owner.

Attack and escape

Move through the dungeon and fight enemies. Use the 3 KEY to perform Rinwell's Astral Attack. Finish off all enemies. As always, there will be a healing zone before the boss fight. Use it, and then go further along the marker. Defeat the Silt Hive. Get out of the dungeon using the stairs and talk to Bregon. Go down the steps. The character on the right will have a side quest called “The Gathering of the Zogls” for you.

Saving Zephyr

Walk left from the shelter to the street of the square with the fountain, go in a circle and go to the street of the central square. And here there will already be a transition point to the central square. Defeat the enemies, after which you will find yourself in the square. An interesting denouement awaits you here, and you will find out who is the true lord of this place. Defeat the enemies after the cutscene. When superpowers are activated, perform any move and hold down two ability keys. For example, E and F. Run to Bregon's hideout and watch the cutscene. Lowe will be the new companion.

Fight at the top of the tower

When you're ready, head outside and return to the central square. from here go to the tower. In front of the tower itself, be sure to use Low's enhanced attack on the "4" key by default. You will be taken to Reyville Prison Tower.

To be continued…

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