What advantages do blue Perks offer in Call of Duty: Mobile


What advantages do blue Perks offer in Call of Duty: Mobile

Perhaps you have noticed when entering the game as a user and preparing for the game, 3 boxes with red, green and blue borders, located in the lower right corner and you do not know exactly how to use them and you do not know what they can offer you as a player ; Well, let me tell you that these boxes are skills that any player can select before the game , as this will help him to considerably improve his performance in the game. Here we tell you all the details about the advantages offered by the blue Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile .

Skills that will improve your style of play and its functions

In the blue section you will find interesting skills that will help you on the battlefield, such as a hard line that provides 25% more points for killing an enemy . Ideal for winning streaks or a demolition expert call that increases 25% damage in grenades or trap mines.

The deathly silence advantage allows your steps not to sound being , ideal for mobilizing without being heard. It is followed by a tactical mask that is used because it reduces the duration of the effects of the enemy's tactical equipment such as smoke grenades, concussion grenades and cryogenic bombs by 40% .

The Alert Perk allows you to see the location of enemies on the mini map when they are close. The shrapnel perk allows the player to have additional lethal equipment; Finally, the engineer advantage is shown that allows hacking the aid packages , as well as detecting streaks of points and lethal and tactical equipment.

Finally, remember that it is very important that you know the maps well, as well as have good aim . This will basically help you defend yourself and get a better performance when entering a game .

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