What advantages do red Perks give in Call of Duty: Mobile


What advantages do red Perks give in Call of Duty: Mobile

Perks are a kind of advantages that the game offers its players , with the intention of helping them level up or better known as ranking. These characteristics or abilities that are granted to the player during the game are relevant to see the effectiveness of the victory in each of them, it is important to emphasize that only one characteristic can be chosen per color . Here we tell you all the details about the advantages of the red Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile .

Improve your performance with these advantages

Within the red section you will find a series of skills such as the "bomb suit" that offers the player a 35% reduction in damage from an explosion by bombs or mines, another would be the "rapid recovery" that helps 35% at the time of being attacked .

Another skill is the "quick persistence" allows your progress of the streak of points not to be restored when they kill you , but the cost of each streak is doubled, in the same way they will see the "agile" advantage that will help you jump more fast objects and reduces aiming time by 85% after running.

You can also choose "light weight" that increases speed by 10% when running and only when running and the last one you will find will be "stalker" that allows you to go 12% faster when moving and walking with this ability activated. You already know each of these skills, now you just have to select your preference to play.

Finally, remember that it is very important that you know that Call of Duty: Mobile credits are very useful and will also serve you a great advantage, since you can buy some important things for your battles.

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