What are the advantages of green Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile


What are the advantages of green Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile offers some advantages to many of its players, since before starting each game they can choose different skills depending on the ones that make them more comfortable and favor them according to their way of attack and battle. In the second position we find the green advantages ready to be selected. Remember that only one color skill is chosen per game. Here we tell you everything about the advantages that green Perks have .

Here specific advantages of the green Perks

There are different skills in this section such as "toughness" which reduces the shock generated by taking a shot by 37%; We also see the "vulture" perk that allows you to collect bullet ammo equal to the weapon you own from your downed opponent. There is also the "tracker" perk that allows you to see enemy tracks for 4 seconds.

The "ghost" perk makes you invisible , so you don't appear on the map. Along with it is the skill called "ruthless" that allows you not to be the target of the streak of points controlled by artificial intelligence, but it does not apply to the streak of points managed manually by the enemies, this being a fact to consider.

The "innate ability" perk makes you immune to response UAVs and grenades, as well as mines. Also displayed is the "quick fix" perk that allows you to regenerate your health when you attack and take down yourself with axes and / or daggers; All these skills can be combined and thus achieve that they favor you and be the best.

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