What are the assault rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile


What are the assault rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile

Assault rifles are often the weapon of choice for many players, especially for shooter title players. In the version of Call of Duty: Mobile the assault rifles are quite versatile, in addition to that they can be used automatically and semi-automatically. Next we will explain what are the assault rifles of Call of Duty Mobile .

Assault rifles in the mobile version

Without a doubt, assault rifles are very powerful and essential weapons within Call of Duty: Mobile. Next we will tell you what each of them is.

  • M16 :

The M16 is a rifle that has a 5.56 caliber , it is also one of the most manufactured in the world. Currently its use is approximately more than 80 countries, in Call of Duty we can also use this wonderful weapon with the following characteristics:

  • Damage 65.
  • Accuracy 60.
  • Cadence: 45.
  • Range: 60
  • Mobility 60.


The M4 is part of a family of automatic assault rifles, they are derived from the Ar-15 rifle . It is the main weapon of the standard infantry of the United States Army and is usually used by various police units, in Call of Duty they have it with the following characteristics:

  • Damage 45.
  • Accuracy 70.
  • Cadence 60
  • Scope 45
  • Mobility 60.


It is a Soviet assault rifle, which has a caliber of 7.62 , this was designed by a Soviet fighter during the Second World War. It was the official rifle of the Soviet Union between 1951-1978 and currently the weapon with the highest production, in the game version it has the following characteristics:

  • Damage 70.
  • Accuracy 48.
  • Cadence 55
  • Scope 66
  • Mobility 60.
Other weapons that we can get are the following.

BK57 : This weapon has a damage of 49 and an accuracy of 67.

Lk24 : has a damage of 47 and an accuracy of 68.

ASM10 : with a damage of 62 and an accuracy of 53.

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