What are attributes and how do they work in New World?


What are attributes and how do they work in New World?

As in every classic role-playing game, Amazon's MMORPG New World also has attributes that you can use to customize your character. How exactly these work and what bonuses they give you.

What attributes are there in New World? There are currently 5 different attributes in New World. They have a primary and a secondary influence on weapons. The primary influence is greater than the secondary influence.

The 5 attributes are:

  • strength
  • skill
  • intelligence
  • concentration
  • constitution

What do the attributes do? The attributes ensure that you can handle certain weapons better, become better wizards or are more difficult to kill. The attribute points have a different effect on your values:

  • If you increase an attribute by 1, the damage of a primarily influenced weapon increases more than that of a secondary weapon. When it comes to the exact numbers, however, there are different statements. We are talking about 0.9% for primary and about 0.65% for secondary weapons. In the self-test we came to a value of around 0.75% for secondary weapons.
  • Weapons that have only a primary and no secondary role, such as the war hammer or the life staff, increase the damage by 1% or even slightly more.
  • Intelligence also affects all elemental damage. If you use a burning sword, more intelligence will cause more damage.
The choice of your attributes not only influences the fight, but also has an influence on the gathering. A character with a lot of strength is better at mining, while a high concentration is better at fishing.

This is what the 5 attributes of New World do

How does the Strength attribute work? Strength is the first attribute in the list and affects the effectiveness of heavy weapons. Strength primarily affects the effectiveness of your swords, war axes, war hammers and hatchets. Strength also has a secondary influence on the effectiveness of spears. 

In addition, when you reach a certain strength threshold, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • 50 points: + 5% damage from light attacks with melee weapons, + 10% speed when mining
  • 100 points: + 10% damage from heavy attacks with melee weapons, + 20% resilience
  • 150 points: + 50% stamina damage from light and heavy attacks from melee weapons; 10% less weight of excavated objects
  • 200 points: + 10% damage to stunned, slowed down or rooted enemies, + 10% speed when mining
  • 250 points: The stamina regeneration is increased while you carry out light or heavy attacks with a melee weapon, + 10% yield when mining
  • 300 points: light and heavy attacks with a melee weapon become unstoppable, 25% probability of mining an ore with one blow
If you want to wield a battle ax properly in New World, you have to invest in strength.

How does the skill attribute work?  Dexterity is the second attribute of New World and influences the effectiveness of elegant weapons. Skill primarily affects bows, rapiers, spears, and muskets. Secondly, your skill influences the effectiveness of swords and hatchets.

In addition, when you reach a certain skill threshold you get the following bonuses:

  • 50 points: + 5% chance of critical hits, + 10% speed when skinning
  • 100 points: + 5% stab damage, + 20% haste for 3 seconds after skinning
  • 150 points: -10% stamina when dodging, 10% less weight of skinned objects
  • 200 points: + 10% bonus damage for ambush attacks and head hits, + 10% speed when skinning
  • 250 points: + 10% bonus damage from critical hits on stunned, slowed or rooted enemies, + 10% yield when skinning 
  • 300 points: The next hit after an evasive role is a critical hit (10 sec cooldown), ammunition has a 15% chance of being refunded

How does the attribute intelligence work? Above all, intelligence influences the effectiveness of magical weapons in New World. Intelligence is the primary attribute of fire sticks and ice gauntlets. Secondly, your intelligence also influences the use of rapiers and muskets.

In addition, when you reach a certain threshold in intelligence, you get the following bonuses:

  • 50 points: + 10% damage from light and heavy magic attacks, + 10% speed when harvesting
  • 100 points: + 10% critical hit damage, 5% chance of finding 1 Azoth while harvesting
  • 150 points: + 15% elemental damage, 10% less weight of harvested objects
  • 200 points: +10 mana after dodging, + 10% speed when harvesting
  • 250 points: + 30% damage duration of spells with damage over time, + 10% yield when harvesting
  • 300 points: + 10% damage from the first hit on targets with full health, 10% lower Azoth travel costs
You can assign your attribute points to the attributes individually

How does the attribute concentration work? Concentration is the first attribute that has so far only had a primary influence. With a high concentration you improve the effectiveness of your life sticks. Concentration also has an impact on your mana regeneration and your cooldowns.

In addition, when you reach a certain threshold you get the following bonuses in concentration:

  • 50 points: + 10% mana regeneration rate, + 10% fishing line tension
  • 100 points: + 20% more mana supply, + 10% yield when dismantling objects
  • 150 points: + 20% healing, -10% less weight of fish
  • 200 points: + 20% duration of cast spells, + 10% fishing line tension
  • 250 points: + 30% mana after killing oneself or by a group, + 10% of the size of fish caught
  • 300 points: If your mana drops to 0, you get +200 mana regeneration (60 sec cooldown) for 10 seconds, 10% cooldown reduction for fast travel to inns

How does the attribute constitution work? Constitution affects the overall health of characters in New World. With each invested attribute point you gain a certain number of life points. So you shouldn't completely ignore this attribute, otherwise you run the risk of dying quickly.

In addition, when you reach a certain threshold in constitution you get the following bonuses:

  • 50 points: All health consumables are 20% stronger, + 10% logging speed
  • 100 points: (Increase in) maximum health by 10% of the physical armor, 10% lower loss of durability of tools
  • 150 points: -10% critical hit damage taken, 10% less weight of harvested items
  • 200 points: + 20% for armor, + 10% speed for logging
  • 250 points: -80% reduced damage at full health (60 sec cooldown), + 10% return from logging
  • 300 points: + 20% duration of the magic effect stun, slow down and root, 25% chance of cutting down a tree with one blow

Get and spend attribute points

How many attribute points do I get?  With every new level in New World you get attribute points, which you can distribute individually to the 5 attributes. Up to the current max level 60 you will receive a total of 190 points and at the beginning of the game you will receive fewer attribute points per level than later in the game. It increases little by little.

There are also pieces of equipment that increase the attributes. The stronger this equipment, the more attribute points it gives.

What do I do when I am sick?  In New World you always have the option to reset the distribution of your attribute points. This is even possible free of charge up to level 20. After that, however, you have to spend money on it, whereby the price is based on the attribute points. 

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