What are COD points in Call of Duty: Mobile


What are COD points in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has two types of coins that help players to continuously climb the levels as well as obtain improvements, being COD points one of them, showing itself as a type of Premium currency, since to obtain them you must pay with real money. COD points are a type of gold coin presented with the initials "CP" on them and there are two ways to obtain them, which we will explain below.

Options to obtain them

The first would be the most obvious, since you would buy the coins directly in the official game store , in this way they will obtain the amount of CP coins that they select and they will be available to acquire from weapons and their accessories, EXP passes in weapons, avatars, loot boxes to battle passes.

The second way would be to buy a battle pass with real money, since these passes allow you to receive extra rewards at the time of playing, among them are these COD points and in this way you can acquire them as you play them and even a few more rewards.

A good option to consider would be the purchase of the Premium battle pass , since in this way you would make the payment with real money, but apart from receiving COD points as you play and unlock levels, you will also receive extra rewards, and if you accumulate points COD you can get enough to make a new battle pass purchase in the following season.

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