What are credits in Call of Duty: Mobile


What are credits in Call of Duty: Mobile

Every video game platform has several ways to exchange items for virtual currencies that help the player to facilitate and improve their game either with weapons or accessories for these or other benefits and Call of Duty Mobile is no stranger to this modality. One of the forms of payment when buying within the game are credits , which would be one of the coins of the game identified with the letter "C".

Ways to get them and what to do with them

There are a variety of ways to get credits in different sections of the game, be it through missions, loot boxes, advance in the battle pass or even just by entering the game daily and you are rewarded with a certain amount of credits or by leveling up , the more you play, the more chances you have of winning these credits .

Watching videos is another curious way to get credits . To see these videos you just have to enter the game and look at the upper left corner next to the box where our name and other information are found, you will see the video icon, press it and you just have to watch them and collect the reward.

Within the game there is a section in which they show a series of missions that the player must complete if they want to earn credits and the greater the difficulty of the missions, the greater the reward. After obtaining these credits you can go to buy items in the game store and get everything from weapons to avatars.

Finally, do not forget that for the game to function optimally and not have any type of lag, it is important to have a good internet connection and meet all the requirements of the game, both for Android , iOS and Windows .

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