What are the lethal grenades in Call of Duty: Mobile


What are the lethal grenades in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free game with the purpose of entertaining all those people who like to experience the adrenaline of games in their spare time with their friends, or people on the net. Therefore, lethal grenades are tools that allow you to create damage to the enemy or destroy them .

All Lethal Grenades in Call of Duty: Mobile

The lethal grenades in Call of Duty Mobile make it super fun allowing you to be the protagonist of the game's battle so that you are the host of the shootouts. Next we will introduce you to some of the lethal grenades in the game that will help you to be the best in Call of Duty Mobile.

We have the Quick Player ability , this will allow you to move easily and load the weapon to your liking with a silencer, you must run without being seen on the map. You can also choose to take knife weapons known as Mini Trap , it is best to have a tactic that allows you to continue running without being seen and continue attacking.

Another of the lethal grenades that help you not lose your tactics in the game is the vertical grip , quick recovery and the stock , which allows you to be more agile and does not let you lose sight of the enemy from the playground of the game. Also, you should keep in mind to play with a helmet.

To finish, get ready to be a level sniper by making the most of the field lines. The best skills you must gain are toughness, agile and alert, don't forget the Trophy System that will protect you from your enemies and explosives without being attacked.

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