What are the maps originally for Call of Duty: Mobile


What are the maps originally for Call of Duty: Mobile

Since Call of Duty was adapted to the mobile touch screen , 4 original maps of this new version have been disputed . Similarly, within them we can enjoy new weapons and game modes. Here is the list of the original maps for Call of Duty: Mobile .

4 special maps for Call Of Duty: Mobile

  • Cross fire

It is an ideal map for camper types , it is made of houses with narrow corridors and wide, destroyed streets. Similarly, it has shortcuts for snipers to start the battle from different buildings.

  • Standoff

Its design is a colorful city located near the border between China and Kyrgyzstan. It also contains houses for shelter as well as a long row of buildings . Similarly, you can locate a tower and a building with a clock in the center. The latter refers to group 935 from the Zombies mode.

  • Crash

The night version of Crash belongs to Call of Duty: Mobile , this being one of the smallest maps available. Its streets are dark and narrow with high roofs for easy shooting. Similarly, its rewards are limited, due to the high coverage of the map.

  • Kill house

It is a fairly small map, developed inside a warehouse with only the necessary elements. There you can see destroyed cars and containers, as well as closed spaces to escape. Usually you play a small team that will have to have unique skills to hide from snipers.

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