What are the melee weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile


What are the melee weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile

We must always know what types of weapons would be good for us depending on the game modes that we are implementing in addition to the strategies that we have created to be able to win in each of them. Call of Duty in its mobile version implements various types of weapons , from rifles, missile launchers, pistols to even weapons that we can use in close combat .

Melee Weapon List

Among the different melee weapons that we can use to hurt our opponents we have the following:

  • Knife : This one has a normal attack .
  • Karambit : this is a type of knife that is seen mostly in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines. Normally it can be used as an agricultural tool , but in Call of Duty we can see it as a weapon, this weapon is a little faster than the knife .
  • Baseball Bat : It takes a bit of time, but the users of the platform indicate that it is quite grueling .
  • Ax : one of the most outstanding things about the ax is the range it has , so you can be a little further from your enemies when you go to attack.
  • Katana : the katana is one of the favorite weapons of Call of Duty players in the mobile version, since with this you have a good range and it does not reduce the speed in the attacks you make with it.
  • Ice pick : this is another weapon that you can find in the mobile version for close combat.

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