What are Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile


What are Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile

This is one of the most common confusions in players who have just joined but also in old players because they do not know exactly its use and what they have to offer. The Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile are advantages and improvements that the game offers to its Gamers in order to give them somehow superiority over other players.

Advantages are abilities that give us a utility while you are in the game . That is to say, they are not things that are obtained but they are skills that the game always offers and most of the players tend to use them in the different game modes to master them.

Types of perks

Perks are special characteristics that allow players to improve their style of play and acquire skills depending on the aspects of this, which in turn are divided into three types, each one characterized with a color being these: red, green and blue .

In the red section you can see different skills such as quick recovery, persistence, bomb suit, stalker, agile and not least light weight . All being beneficial tools when playing the game depending on the player's combat style.

In the green section we see 7 skills such as vulture, toughness, tracker, ghost, ruthless, innate ability and quick fix . And finally the blue section that contains hard line, deadly silence, engineer, shrapnel, tactical mask, alert and demolition expert . Being able to use only one ability of each one in the games.

Finally, we recommend that you know the advantages that each perk offers you, that is, the greens , blues and reds . This way you can make the best use of it within the game, and take advantage of every advantage.

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