What are the Tactical grenades in Call of Duty: Mobile


What are the Tactical grenades in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most adrenaline-pumping games on the battlefield, as it is a very popular sniper game . Because it is multiplayer, it gained popularity, since it allows you to face several enemies at the same time, making you faster as you progress through the game.

All Tactical Grenades in Call of Duty Mobile

Touch grenades allow you to attack your enemies in a more dynamic and fun way, allowing you to take cover so that you can evade them. To counter this type of grenade we must make use of the Tactical Mask , which will protect us against the effects of the grenades.

Next, you will know some of the tactical grenades:

First we have the tactical insertion, which is very useful, it allows you to reappear where it was left , so you should leave it near strategic places such as barracks.

The trophy grenade will allow you to destroy the enemy or nearby enemies in order to make them understand that they are vulnerable to counterattack and remain alerted . If the enemies use traps as a guardian and sentry use the grenades of the electrical system.

There is also the Black Hat , which you must equip and use the engineer advantage to be able to capture where the system of your enemies is, in this way gain an advantage in the counterattack by hacking the system .

The Shock Charge , you must combine it with one of the lethal grenades, since they are a protection advantage through scattered nearby stars that immobilize and disorient the attacker. In addition, Flash grenades are used to mow or kill the enemy and Concussion grenades disorient the enemy to inform and deliver strategic sites such as hotspots.

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