What can I buy with COD points in Call of Duty: Mobile


What can I buy with COD points in Call of Duty: Mobile

COD points in Call of Duty: Mobile are earned with real money and are very useful for buying items in the store and experience cards . Among the exclusive items you can get with COD points are: Loot Boxes, Premium Battle Pass, and weapon upgrades . Below we explain in detail about each of them.

Special offers for COD points

It is not so easy to get the most COD points , first you will have to unlock the battle pass . Thanks to COD points in Call of Duty Mobile you have access to Premium content . For this reason it turns out to be more notable than credits.

Battle Pass

The battle pass allows you to unlock levels to gain experience in the games , it has a cost of 800 COD points. If you buy it first, you will have the advantage of receiving COD points as a reward. It is important to play public games and complete tasks, so that you progress. Here you have two options, spend on items or save the points for the next season's pass.

Loot boxes

These boxes are the item to obtain weapons and the Premium Battle Pass . Can be received at startup as part of free loot for items with rarity levels. They have different prices ranging from 40 COD points to 160.

Premium Pass

This pass will help you get the biggest rewards in the game, worth 4000 COD points. In the same way, you can unlock other relevant elements of the game such as elite tasks.

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