What can I buy with credits in Call of Duty: Mobile


What can I buy with credits in Call of Duty: Mobile

Credits in Call of Duty Mobile are essential to unlock in-game items. In the same way, it is the best way to buy weapons, loot boxes, as well as new improvements for them. Below we explain in more detail what items in the store you can buy with these credits .

Items you can buy with credits in Call of Duty: Mobile

The items you can buy with Call of Duty Mobile credits are as follows:

  • Loot boxes

These boxes are located at events or can be received as a reward for logging into the game every day. They are used to locate weapons that are not in the Premium options.

  • Meteors Weapon

It is obtained for three thousand credits and it is recommended to use in ranked games. It is quite accurate and although it may need a bit of damage, with it you can level up quickly .

  • Balloons

It is a weapon that was very operational during the first season of the game at a price of three thousand credits. The vast majority have it because it is precise and contains a lot of cadence that has resurfaced in season 3.

  • Type 25

It is a weapon that allows you to go up to legendary , it has a lot of damage and cadence, although it is a bit short in precision. However, one of its main advantages is that it kills both from near and far.

Finally, thanks to these credits you can get a large number of accessories without spending money. Another way to obtain them is through limited-time challenges. Weapons have cosmetic and powerful upgrades in the credit store.

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