What does New World offer in PvE? Everything about quests, dungeons and world events


What does New World offer in PvE? Everything about quests, dungeons and world events

New World was originally announced as a PvP sandbox MMO with some survival elements. In the meantime, the focus has shifted more and more towards PvE. But what does New World offer for release in PvE? We have summarized all the important points for you.

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New World offers this content in PvE:

  • Various quests including main story quests and quests for your faction
  • Strong boss opponents in the open world
  • World events with the depraved
  • Invasions, instantiated PvE events in which the corrupted attack your fortress
  • Several dungeons , here called expeditions
  • A boss arena with the Spriggan in it
  • A housing system with additional bonuses for the open world

In addition, there is the general open world content, such as crafting materials gathering and crafting in general, fishing, and leveling various weapons that we wouldn't specifically refer to as PvE content right now.

Is there PvP in the open world? Yes, but it's purely optional. You can activate it in one of the settlements and then fight in the open world against other players who are also active in PvP. But if you leave PvP deactivated, you can never be attacked.

Quests in New World

What kind of quests does New World offer? The quests in Amazon's MMO are rather simple. Most of the time you have to travel to a place to kill a certain number of enemies, collect items or interact with something.

You can do several types of quests:

  • Main quests, which you can use to learn more about the game world. However, they do not tell a profound story, but rather give an overview of the events
  • Side quests that you can find at NPCs in the open world
  • Quests for the settlement where you have to collect resources very often
  • Faction quests in which you complete tasks for a special currency of your faction
  • PvP faction quests that require you to be active in PvP
Compared to the first tests, the quests have now been heavily revised and also offer dubbing.

This is what it looks like when you accept quests from NPCs.

Do you need a certain level for some quests? Yes, with the main quests you will notice again and again that you first need level X before you can pursue them further.

In addition, you have to reach about level 10 to join a faction and unlock the faction quests.

What's the story of New World? This is partly told through the main quest and the dungeons, but above all through the open world itself. So you will always find special places or find pieces of paper on which people have written down their experiences.

From quests, the dungeons, the environment and the records, an overall picture emerges. However, you have to do without a great staging with cut scenes such as in WoW.

Points of interests and elite opponents

What are points of interests? These are places on the map that are particularly interesting. In these places there are often boss opponents or other challenges that you can complete alone, but are better tackled in a group.

For the victory over such an elite opponent you get experience, gold and mostly useful loot.

The points of interest also often look spectacular, like this tree infested by Azoth:

The Azoth Tree is one of the points of interest in New World.

World events and invasions

What are world events? The so-called breaches are events that simply appear on the map and can then be completed by you. In these events you will meet the Corrupted, an enemy faction that was corrupted by the special material Azoth.

The events are all about defeating the attacking enemies and destroying the portal from which they pour. The breaches are designed for a certain minimum level, which is shown on the map.

In addition, the world events scale dynamically . The more players appear, the more opponents await you. There are also different levels in the event. The longer it is not addressed by players, the more the influence of the corrupted spreads.

What's behind the invasions? The invasions represent something like the culmination of the PvE events . This is where the corrupted attack your fortress, just as other players can do in PvP wars.

Your task in this instantiated event is to repel the attack in the form of multiple waves. However, you need level 50 to participate in the invasions.

In the invasions, the corrupted target your fortress.

Dungeons and boss arenas

What is behind the expeditions? The expeditions are instances in which a group of 5 players can face various dangers. Basically, the expeditions offer a classic dungeon experience:

  • You start at the entrance of the instance and fight against various enemy creatures
  • On the way through the expedition you will meet mini bosses
  • At the end of an expedition, a strong boss and a lot of loot will be waiting for you
The easier dungeons can later be done with fewer players. However, the higher levels turned out to be quite crisp in the beta.

How many dungeons are there? At the start there will be 6 expeditions:

  • Amrhein excavation - from level 25
  • Destroyed Obilisk - From level 35
  • The Depths - From level 45
  • Dynasty Shipyard - From level 55
  • Lazarus instruments - from level 60
  • Garden of Origin - From level 60

The housing

What does housing offer? In New World, players can buy houses in settlements and decorate them. Housing becomes one of the core elements of New World because you:

  • Use your house as a retreat
  • Activate buffs for the open world
  • You can take part in a kind of beauty contest for the most beautiful house.
Houses can be purchased in any settlement, and the settlement can be controlled by different factions and companies. These can influence taxes that you have to pay for your activities in the settlement. Ownership of a settlement changes over the wars in PvP.

What do you think of the PvE content in New World. Are the previous dungeons, arenas and world events enough to keep you busy for the long term, or do you fear that the content will run out quickly? Please write it in the comments.

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