What is the max level in New World?


What is the max level in New World?

Reaching the highest level in MMORPGs is a nice feeling. In Amazon Games New World , too , many players will try to reach the max level as quickly as possible. We reveal what the highest level in New World is.

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What is the highest level in New World?  The highest level that you can currently reach in New World is level 60. This completes your leveling process and you can concentrate fully on the beautiful things of the New World endgame.

How long will it take to be level 60 in New World? At the beginning of the beta, it is difficult to estimate how long it will take your character to reach level 60. The process is highly dependent on the player and game behavior. Players who just push their level up will be faster than players who take their time to explore Aeternum.

  • In the first test in summer 2020, targeted farming took around 30 hours to reach the max level.
  • However, there was a lot of tweaking on the leveling process during Alpha.
  • In various reddit posts, numbers between 60 and 200 hours circulate up to the max level. There is no official information from Amazon and the Alpha was also under NDA.

We will update the article accordingly as soon as there are more precise figures and we ourselves have had the chance to reach the max level in the beta.

Is a max level of level 60 unusual? Not really. Setting the highest level at 60 is not uncommon for releasing an MMOPRPG. Final Fantasy XIV started at a max level of 50, World of Warcraft: Classic ended at level 60, and the maximum level in Guild Wars 2 is unchanged at 80.

In New World you will still have enough to do by the time you reach level 60.

This is what the New World endgame offers

What can you do at level 60?

If you have reached the max level 60, then you get access to the endgame content of New World. In addition to new areas aimed exclusively at max-level characters, there are also several different PvP and PvE content that you can play, including:

  • Special endgame instances, the “expeditions”, in which you team up with other players to form a group of 5 and fight your way through the content to a final boss.
  • The PvP mode “Outpost Rush”, in which you have to defend your own outpost against other players at the same time and have to take their outpost from them.
  • The PvP wars over fortresses that take place in instantiated areas.
  • The invasions in which the corrupted attack the game world and the fortresses in huge PvE events.

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