Where to find 14 nearly naked characters in Deathloop


Where to find 14 nearly naked characters in Deathloop

(Nearly) naked characters are Deathloop enemies who appear daily in one specific, fixed location. In total, the game has 4 locations (Complex, Charles Bay, Skala Fristad, and so on) and 4 times of day (morning, noon, afternoon, evening). There are 14 places with almost naked characters, with the exception of Charles Bay half day and Fristad Rock evening, which cannot be visited at the specified time of day.

Characters change their location depending on the time of day! You need to find and kill a character on each map at every time of the day! The character differs from other opponents in that he is practically naked. He is wearing shoes, underpants and a helmet. After killing him, be sure to escape through the tunnels for the action to be counted. Don't worry, you can't permanently pass up the opportunity to kill this character. Until the end of the plot, you can restart the same loops as many times as you like.

  1. Complex, morning . Stands in the middle of the bunker.
  2. Complex, noon . Walks around Yegor's camp.
  3. Complex, evening . Exit the tunnel through the door on the right and see directly in front of you, outside. He is lying on the road leading to the bunker. You need to kill him before he bleeds out.
  4. Downtown, evening . Near the pastry shop, by the ledge.
  5. Charles Bay, morning . In an alley outside Naked Mind.
  6. Charles Bay, evening . Inside the center of EON, to the right of Naked Mind.
  7. Freestad Rock, morning . Near the EON security station, near the rock club.
  8. Fristad Rock, noon . In the bar to the right of the rock club, downstairs in the cave.

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