Where to find all active relics in Encased

 We analyze all the relics and their locations in the game

Relics are items of equipment that provide the main character or his companions with certain bonuses, but at the same time may have penalties. Of course, the most useful should be perceived those relics that do not have any penalties. Let's talk about the effects of all the relics we found and how you can get them. Active relics are improved versions of regular ones, which either have no penalties at all, or have them, but in a weakened form.

Outward Definitive Edition: Antique...
Outward Definitive Edition: Antique Plateau Bosses Locations (How to Find)

Brass apple

Relic Effect:

  • Reduced accuracy by 15 units
  • Increase the maximum supply of action points by 1 (starting AP)

How to find: you can find it during the passage of the prologue, at the "Picnic" location, in the basement under the gas station, where the necroid is located.

Brass apple

Brass Apple (Inert)

Relic Effect:

  • Increase your maximum action points by 1 (
  • Reduced accuracy by 3 units

How to find: in the same basement of a gas station at the Picnic location, where the necroid was killed. This will be a quest item. There is a bug, as a result of which the item appears again.


Relic Effect:

  • Increase initiative, maximum reserve and saved action points by 3

How to find: The first piece of the relic is to be found in the safe located next to the Servo Armor. Look for the second part on the same tier, behind the ventilation grill. Move along the ventilation, repeat three times and in the fourth step you will see a detail. The third part of the relic is located on the residential floor, inside the destroyed toilet of the medical center. Combine at Nashville Station.

White sphere

Relic Effect:

  • Reduced critical hit chance by 5 points
  • Increase Decisiveness by 20 points

How to find: can be obtained during a random meeting. Dig under the tree with dead crows hanging from it.

Cat ears

Relic Effect:

  • Decrease in authority by 15 points
  • Increase of charisma and attention by 1 unit

How to find: Receive as a reward from the dock on the laboratory floor at Magellan Station. For saving Yoko, one of the game's potential companions.

Crown of thorns

Relic Effect:

  • Reduced protection against biochemical damage by 15 points
  • Decrease of the "Body" characteristic by 4 units
  • Increase mechanical and psi defense by 15 units

How to find: Search inside the forefather's cave. Coordinates can be found at the administrative level by examining the terminal near friends.

Rainbow disc

Relic Effect:

  • Detection time is increased by 5
  • Getting radiation

How to find: Search in Carmine Heights, inside one of the buildings. See the relic lying on the table. The code is in the same room, on the wall. If my memory serves me correctly - 3.1416.


Relic Effect:

  • Gain +3 Strength with Damage Over Time

How to find: During a random encounter, when you find a hillock. Climb the hill and wait for dawn. Dig up the object hidden under the signs on the rock.


Relic Effect:

  • Increases by 1 "Psycho"
  • Adds 2 relic slots
  • Reduces charisma by 3 points

How to find: complete the quest "Magellan in Touch" that you get from Kingsley. At the location where the Pit is located, lift the elevator. There are two normal and one healthy necroid. It is better not to approach the latter during the battle.

The Mobius strip

Relic Effect:

  • Increases Psycho by 1 for each final death of a companion (the maximum can be increased to +6, but you will be left without companions)

How to find: You must find a car parked in the middle of the road. Go to the suitcase at the front wheel and take the item.

Camouflage device for servo armor

Relic Effect:

You can sneak in a servo armor

How to find: Look inside the temple located in the city. There is a locked weapon rack. It takes 180 Crime Points to crack it.

Red shard

Relic Effect:

  • Increases critical hit chance by 13 points
  • You receive 40 units of pure damage for each enemy killed by the main character (that is, when using a relic, it is better to finish off opponents with companions)
How to find: go to the "Ash Forest" location and look for a skeleton with a case next to the MOBIOS. There is a relic inside the case.

Relic Lithomorph

Relic Effect:

  • Increases luck by 1 point
How to find: A chance encounter will occur. Pick up the simple rock that turns out to be a relic.


Relic Effect:

  • Increases agility by 2
  • Reduces luck by 4 units
How to find: Another chance encounter. You will stumble over a relic. Dig up and pick up.

Church implant

Relic Effect:

  • You gain full protection from the Vortex's psi-radiation
How to find: This is a quest item that can be obtained through the main storyline. Or steal from the safe located in the temple, next to the weapon rack.

Deep flask

Relic Effect:

  • Reduces thirst level by 6 points every hour
How to find: and again wait for an accidental meeting with a member of the phalanx, who is dying of thirst. Coordinates "Mark of the dying of thirst".

Manipulator Mebios

Relic Effect:

  • Adds 1 unit to Strength
  • Reduces agility by 1 point
  • Reduces initiative by 4 units
  • Adds +10 units to thermal protection
How to find: go inside the grotto at the Picnic location. Here you will meet the only living MOBIOS at the location.

Black pin

Relic Effect:

  • Reduces initiative by 3 units
  • Adds +5 to learnability
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.


Relic Effect:

  • Increases protection against biochemical, thermal and cryogenic damage by 3 points
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.


Relic Effect:

  • Reduces strength by 1 point
  • Adds 40 points to the maximum value of the carry-over weight
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.


Relic Effect:

  • Adds 15 units to energy protection
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.

Eye of god

Relic Effect:

  • Adds 15 units to evasion
  • Increases Psycho by 1 point
How to find: talk to Matushka located at the Trading Post location. As you travel the world, you will meet a character checking the clock. Agree to go with him.


Relic Effect:

  • Decreases the value of each attribute by 1 unit
  • Adds +25 HP each turn during combat
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.

Cheerful Driller

Relic Effect:

  • After each rest on the bed, you get +2 to charisma for the next 36 hours
How to find: visit the location "Radioactive cemetery", dig a grave where Dracula lies. She is near the marauders. We'll have to fight with four skeletons and one necromancer.


Relic Effect:

  • Reduces evasion by 4 units
  • Increases protection class by 4 points
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.


Relic Effect:

  • Reduces attack priority by 20 points
  • Increases detection time by 4
  • Reduces damage dealt by 20%
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.

Necro pearls

Relic Effect:

  • Increases biochemical damage by 9%
  • Reduces biochemical defense by 9
  • Reduces regeneration by 18 points
How to find: Dropped by Necroids.


Relic Effect:

  • Reduces evasion by 10 units
  • Increases stamina by 20 points
  • Reduces initiative by 3
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.


Relic Effect:

  • Increases evasion by 7 points
  • Reducing the maximum supply of action points by 1
  • Reduces the number of action points saved by 2
How to find: can be found quite by accident, anywhere.

As for inactive relics, you can find them wherever and whenever you want. They are mostly hidden in pots. They are weakened and have much higher penalties.

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